London to Paris gravel routes

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  • I'm thinking of doing London to Paris in early September, and wondered if anyone had done this in a gravel flavour before/knew of any routes/has gpx? I've seen Hotchillee have a gravel route, but it isn't public, and everything else I've found is road based.

    If not I'll have to load up komoot and plan one but thought I'd try the lazy option first!

  • It’s not gravel, but the Avenue Vert is an old railway line converted to a bike lane. It’s great.

    Oh and I would recommend the Newhaven-Dieppe ferry. It’s overnight, so you cycle to Newhaven in the day, get a pint and fish & chips whilst you wait, then sleep on the ferry, which spits you out at the bottom of the AV in the middle of the night. Ride that until you find a open boulangerie, and eat as many fresh pain au chocolate as you can…

  • Nice one, thanks!

  • Sorry, it looks like that's an older route that's paved.

    I found their Brighton gravel route though which I might try out.

  • Here's part 1 of their gravel route, I think, in two sections. Seems to be broadly similar to the route in my last post.­5385­9839


    Don't have Strava premium but maybe someone can download the GPX of it for you.

  • Ah nevermind. I'll try and plan something after Avenue Vert and go via the Newhaven - Dieppe crossing - that's the normal route I've seen recommended most often anyway so should be able to use that as a jump off point.

  • Ha, didn't see your reply. I have Strava premium so I'll see if I can download the route later on. I did see that blog post earlier but obviously missed the Strava bit!

  • They didn't link the Strava, I just did a bit of digging around

  • It was actually the France stage blog post I'd read anyway, but no mention of Strava either, I'll try and do some digging myself. I live in Kent so would be taking a different route to the ferry than any of the existing routes regardless.

  • Here's the route I did a couple of years with a group of mates, it is a road route, but it does include the avenue vert from Dieppe:­9/-london-to-paris-route

    My two cents on that section though if you'll indulge me - it's great infrastructure, but isn't gravel and I have to say, I thought it was really boring. 45km of pretty much dead flat stuff with banking on either side most of the way, so no views. Could have been the fact it pissed down the whole way along it though...

  • Oh for sure. Def not gravel or pretty exciting, but at 4:30am when it spits you out and you're a bit zombified [I found] it's perfect to smash some ground until you collapse. We rode for about three hours then found a french bar that was open, all had brandies and slept for a couple of hours, the bar owner thought we were hilarious.

    Also I don't know your route, but this place we found and stayed at is fucking amazing.

  • Yeah that's fair! Definitely wouldn't want to have to think too much at 4:30am.

    We just stayed at a fair bog standard airbnb. Your place looks bloody lovely!

  • The avenue verte does the job of making those 55km fairly inconsequential. However it is the bottom of the valley and can be dead cold even in the summer. I have done it about 8 times in all seasons and it is always the case to some degree ( I had some snow in easter ). One year i took other roads on the surrounding "plateau" and it is a much better view if you don't mind riding on the dark.

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London to Paris gravel routes

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