Saddle/seat recommendations for my 2013 Cinelli Vigorelli build?

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  • Hey guys & girls

    Looking for good saddles or brands of saddles, does anyone have any recommendations for me?


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  • brooks

  • Selle Italia, obvs

  • forget the saddle, is that a freewheel?

  • Either one would look sweet

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  • Seems to be a thing these days.

  • Why the fuck does it matter if I ride single speed, what is your problem?

  • Is there something wrong with riding a single speed? Let me know if you guys have a problem with it or whether you’re those types of people to look down on people for riding a single speed, how sad…

  • Your bike looks like it can go very fast but can't fucking stop. Get a rear brake (it's the law in the uk and most places), or get some foot retention and ride fixed. The combination of the deep carbon wheels with those retention-less flat pedals is eye-catchingly stupid.

    Do you have a problem with single speeds/free wheels?


  • I’ll be honest pal I’ve been riding this for some time now and I feel very confident with the set up. If you don’t like it cool that’s fine but don’t start becoming rude because you wouldn’t be talking all this way in person cause it would be very different scenario and not to mention you’d end up looking eye-catchingly stupid as well sir. So be nice play nice and have nice Friday, I’d hate it too turn upside down for you!

    Bye xxx

  • tough talk via pm

    Appreciate your thoughts but I’ll be all good. Next time you have a problem with my bike or don’t like something tell me to my face and you’ll see what happens instead trash talking over this forum, real life can’t save you pal. Have a great Friday.

    Is your name William Stickers by any chance?

  • I’m not joking around pal, you’re talking all the nonsense. I know you wouldn’t be comfortable talking like this in person so don’t do it online you’d only end up freezing up in person. What is wrong with some of you dudes on here, LFGSS won’t save you!

  • I know you wouldn’t be comfortable talking like this in person so don’t do it online you’d only end up freezing up in person.

    I'm on Francis Rd, Leyton. Come on over, I'll give you a rear brake.

  • Hey userwhatever, maybe put two and two together here.

    People are pointing out that you have a freewheel, no rear brake and no foot retention.

    Join the dots.

    You have a single point of failure (one thin, easily frayed, brake cable) between you and a possibly life changing incident and injury.

    Instead of hurling frankly pathetic virtual threats, why don't you listen up and wise up?

    As for the saddle question, I'm a big fan of the charge spoon range.

  • Hello,

    I have had this Vig for a very long time and I am very aware of what can go wrong wrong POSSIBLY. I am my own man with my own choices. I respect you having your opinion and putting it nicely. I don’t need to be told by everyone that I have freewheel and one brake and foot retention. Do you not think I'm aware of this, I didn’t just purchase the bike not knowing what can happen or what it is. I built it up this way if you don’t like it go away bro. I respect what you’re telling me but don’t talk to me like I’m clueless and I don’t know how MY own bike works or as if I don’t know my own set up. Cheers for the saddle recommendations and don’t worry if I do crash you fuckers will be the first to know

  • Cheers pal, as I mentioned I don’t want one and plus the rear brake hole isn’t drilled as it’s a track frame. I don’t really want to drill a hole in the frame for a rear brake, thankyou for your offer. Have a good day!

  • (I'm sure you saw the nuance in my post, but the life that is changed by the incident that I alluded to may not be yours.)

    Anyway, the point of my post wasn't to preach to you about your bike setup, but to point out why others are making the points they are and to critique how you responded to them.

    Back in the hey day of this place, riding fixed with no hand controlled brakes was de rigeur. I don't want make my younger self a hypocrite by getting on your case.

    Have fun, ride hard and safe, enjoy being on a bike.

  • Oh, and make a witty or memorable username. You'd be amazed at how it ups the level of responses you get.

  • You said it yourself, it's a track frame.

    Safe riding <3

  • I have an astute saddle on my vig that I think suits it really well. I also have a rear brake on my SS that suits that.

    You can do as you like but being aware of a danger and ignoring it regardless is questionable so maybe take it on the chin when people point it out.

  • Fabric saddles are a safe bet but ultimately your arse is different to everyone else's and most people's recommendations won't be comfortable for you like they might be for them.
    You just have to buy a load and try them one by one.
    Buy second hand, the classifieds on here are a decent starting point. Try it out for a week, if it doesn't work, sell it back on here for potentially the same amount you bought it for.

    Or just buy a San Marco zoncolan or a selle Italia flite and put up with the pain to look like an OG fixie skidder

  • You're asking for a saddle bit this is what you really need;

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  • Is your name William Stickers by any chance?


  • to look like an OG fixie skidder

    he can't skid :(

  • Nor could most of us, back then.

    Certainly can't now. Even on fixed

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Saddle/seat recommendations for my 2013 Cinelli Vigorelli build?

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