• Yeah sure - drop me a dm

  • BLB bars and hydro brake gone

  • Everything paid for so far has been posted today

  • DA7400 BB gone

  • Microshift bar end shifter back up

  • what speed is that shifter for?

  • It's got loads of tiny indexes, basically. So they're basically friction, but its easier to select any specific gear because of the micro-indexes stopping the movement. Hard to describe with words! I guess think of it was friction, but a more effective version that's easier to get in to a gear with.

  • Was it setup for the front or rear? Cause if it's a rear one happy to take it

  • I've never used it myself, but presumably it's laterally agnostic (copyright pending)?

  • Here is a photo showing where the cable goes in, so it’s orientation. And a photo showing some wear, in the interests of full disclosure.

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  • Shifter pile on! Gone via PM

  • lol. that'll teach me for asking questions

  • Available again now! :-)

  • Been having a nose around online and I can’t find any information about these specific shifters. My guess is that it would work on either front or back as it’s essentially friction, but looking at this one and comparing it to others online, this is a left hand shifter?

  • Yep it looks like a left one after quick search, sadly not of very good use for me
    GLWS! They're great shifters would prob sell on ebay if not here

  • Hope disc front hub

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  • Free postage bump

  • Is that bar-end shifter a BS-M10 do you know? Or the one that's meant to work with road shifters

  • I’m afraid I don’t know much about it. There’s no model number on it anywhere and I can’t find any information online. I’m assuming it would work with any derailleur as it’s essentially a friction shifter. I never installed or used it as I went with flat bars on the bike it was destined for in the end

  • Ah maybe it's the front shifter then as they tend to be non-indexed, unless they make a non-indexed rear shifter too. No worries, ta.

  • Yeah looking at it, I’d say it’s a front shifter. Slightly annoying as it was sold to me as a rear shifter - which I would have spotted if I’d known anything about bar shifters!

  • Dropped the price a bit on the shifter due to realising it’s a (less useful!) front shifter.

  • To be fair the front shifter costs £20 more on wiggle for some reason!

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Microshift bar end shifter / Hope 26" disc front / DA7400 BB / Shimano hydro / bars /

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