London to Amsterdam

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  • Thinking of doing this over two days.
    With the rough plan to be leave on a Sunday morning (from Sevenoaks) and arrive by Tuesday morning. Possible? Dare I say, easy?

    Any advice from those who have cycled London to Amsterdam before welcome.

  • Are you planning on going from Harwich direct, or something like Dover>Dunkirk and then ride from there?

    300 fairly flat, untaxing (dare I say slightly dull if you're used to undulating Southern England) km from Dunkirk, unless you're unlucky with the wind so it's very doable in your timeframe assuming 150km a day is something you're ok with.

  • If you do london harwich (140km) and rotterdam amsterdam (100km), you are there on monday afternoon.
    The ferry is really nice btw.

    Via calais/dunkirk, you can probably do some Kms on sunday evening into belgium and do a big day on monday, arriving in the evening.

  • I'm thinking Dover/Dunkirk to avoid the length of the ferry. Seems quite straightforward but I do appreciate that part of Northern Europe can be dull! Google maps suggests this route:

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  • I've ridden to the Hook of Holland from Dunkirk using much of the North Sea route which is good fun as it includes ferries, bridges, dykes, canals and island hopping.

    Have posted the route here before, will see if I can find it.

    And yes IMO very doable.

    Edit: here we go­

  • I'm riding this fixed on Sunday (26th) via Harwich if anyone is keen to join!

  • Sick. Hope you have a good one!

  • Also interested in this. Is it really only 2 days? What is the nicest route back to London from the ferry in Norfolk?
    edit: I guess include the platypus bike packing weekend route, so that is two days.

  • I’m still on tour! Making my way to Sweden, currently in Twistringen, Germany.

    London to harwich was nice, I really like some of the Essex lanes/road surface. Getting out of ldn was a slog and there were some shite cycle paths near road work before Colchester which were no fun. Left my flat in east at 2.15pm, Checked into the ferry around 10pm, got off the boat, took the scenic route through the sand dunes and was at my mates place in Amsterdam by 2pm! So door to door, just under 23h if you account for time difference :)
    Really enjoyed the overnight crossing!

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London to Amsterdam

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