• Bikebook is a new online tool that allows cyclists to find the best local mechanic wherever they are located in the UK. It is the easiest, fastest, and most transparent way to have your bike serviced. It allows for an instant comparison of services, reviews, and prices from local mechanics! Furthermore, Bikebook Portal is a fully integrated bicycle shop management tool which can help mechanics save time and improve efficiency in their business.

    See the website here: Bikebook
    Bikebook Portal here: Bikebook Portal

    Bikebook was formed by two brothers and a best friend, with a goal to help cyclists find local, independent bicycle mechanics. The idea came about for two reasons:

    1. We were on a cycling trip in West Yorkshire and had a problem with one of our bikes, which required the assistance of a professional mechanic. However, as we were unsure about where to go and out of practicality, we took it to a large chain. Unfortunately, this repair was unsatisfactory, so we had to try and find a local mechanic.
    2. This led to the realisation that there was a need for a platform that would efficiently pair a cyclist to a professional mechanic.

    Jake, one of the cofounders says, “We aim to support local independent businesses whilst allowing cyclists transparency finding a mechanic and booking a service.”

    A problem solved.
    Bikebook enables a mechanic to create an online profile, which in turn allows cyclists to easily access the services of a professional.

    We wanted to improve the transparency of bike servicing as, although most mechanics offer a three-tier system of Basic, Standard and Premium, these services are not necessarily uniform across the industry. Our system gives the cyclist full transparency of each service, so they know exactly what is included and at what cost. Cyclists often found a mechanic through a word-of-mouth recommendation; however, the pandemic led to an increase in cyclists having to use search engines instead. Bikebook allows for easy-to-read reviews, based on the quality of the mechanic’s work, rather than their online presence being limited by a marketing budget and advertisement costs. In turn, the mechanic saves time and money in SEO and marketing costs.

    We have built the Bikebook Portal, our workshop management tool, to help improve a mechanic’s day-to-day administrative efficiency. Furthermore, we want to refine customer experience of obtaining a service. Bikebook portal has an automated service tracker, which allows a customer to see live updates of progress and to instantly message their mechanic.

    When speaking about their motivations for the project Ryan, cofounder, says that “From a young age, we have all loved cycling. Jake was an avid racer, and all of us are now regular, recreational cyclists. Creating a stronghold for the bicycle maintenance industry is exciting and rewarding for us all. Bikebook is more than just a business, it’s the conduit that supports our passion.”

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  • this is not a forum for advertising and your website links don't even work

  • My apologies, I have updated the links and they should work now.

  • This is a forum to discuss guitars, watches, and kitchens.

  • And trolley tokens

  • Didn’t see as much discussion as angry bickering and accusations of slander. 🤷♂️

  • Person A claiming Person B purchased tokens; Person B taking offence and demanding Person A produce proof.

  • None of that is slander “ the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation.”

  • Wait. What if there was an online tool to help with that?

  • Conceded, insofar as the defining oral element. Should’ve written defamation, libel, etc. Person B certainly seemed to think they’d received sufficient injury to require clarification. In any case, I’d suggest taking my post as seriously as the other trolley token posts.

  • Trolley token talk is serious business

  • @Bikebook

    Where have the reviews been taken from?

  • Hi Moocher, they are a combination of our own review system and google reviews.

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Bikebook - Find local independent bike mechanics and book a service

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