• I’ve seen a couple of 650 bikes in the classifieds and these would be super with those!

    Came as a spare set with a tri bike my mate just bought for his daughter and I’ve taken on the task of selling them on - he got the bike at a bargain price so he’s happy to pass them on for a good deal

    Great condition, running straight and smooth

    Cont Podium tubs fitted, look in ok condition but I can’t pump them up as I don’t have a long valve adapter!

    Only looking for £120 posted Ono

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  • Indeed interested, but hink shipping to FR would be enormous...

  • @ArthurDent - happy to check it out if you DM me your address?

  • Scratch that, re reading the add can see they are tubs, and for the usage on my daily i like to have clinchers.

  • No probs at all 👍

  • Reduced them to £100 posted

  • The hubs must be worth close to that posted if they're in good condition? Tempting to build a fast fun bike around them but I've over promised many bike builds already.

  • @Fishfabs - I know the feeling - they’re so nice I’m tempted to keep them for myself but (a) they’re not mine and (b) I’ve got too many projects under way myself!!

    They are in great condition all round (I’ll take some better outdoor photos in some decent light, after I’ve given them a wipe down!)

  • I know they’re niche but surely it’s a bargain! 😁🤪

  • Some outdoors pics in better light - as promised up above ⬆️

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  • Now £90 posted 👍

  • On close inspection I realise that the freehub is the Ti version 👀

  • Bargain.
    I'll take them.
    Toooo tempting.

  • Great - I’ll DM you @Fishfabs 👍

  • Thanks. Not sure what I'll do with them yet, but a ti freehub is so cool and will make me really fast 🙏🌞

  • Now sold, thanks!! 👍

  • Thank goodness. I was getting dangerously close to adding these to my 650c hed deeps, spinergy rev x and zipp 400s

    My wallet and garage are thanking fishfabs

  • Ha.
    I'm clearly the weakest.

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HED CX carbon 650c tubular wheels, Hope hubs , Sapim spokes - SOLD

Posted by Avatar for velocipede65 @velocipede65