For Sale: Schwinn Homegrown 1995

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  • There would likely be more interest there but for a few hundred rather than 3 bags of sand

  • Oh yeah, they wouldn't pay anything near asking price but they deserve a laugh occasionally too and someone might actually want it for a reasonable price.

  • Imagine using bikepedia to get a value haha

  • .

  • So you join LFGSS a month ago, make a post about getting some information on the bike.

    "Hello everyone! I am a guest posting here as I inherited a vintage mountain bike and, as I will be leaving the UK soon, want to identify the bike / its parts to prepare for selling it. I unfortunately don't know much about bikes so I appreciate any help! What I do know though is that it is apparently a very nice bike full with desirable parts that especially collectors might be interested in. "

    Now you claim over the years you have invested hundreds into the brakes and shocks... yet the straddle wire on the brake is clearly old, the brake pads don't look new & i highly doubt the shocks have been touched. Looks like cable inners and outers have been replaced along with a quick wash.

    Absolute chancer!

  • The plot thickens!!

  • May be interest in the cantis, levers and rear mech but rest is fairly yeoman territory. Seller might be best selling those bits separately, replacing with something more in keeping with the rest of the build and take their chances on a couple of hundred all in.

  • The White Industries wheelset is far from yeoman dude, assuming that the bearings and cassette freehub are not toast. The hub flanges on these seem to hold up better than Ringlé and early hope, thank goodness.

    The crankset is also a USA made WI set and not the Sugino licenced ones, so worth a little bit more..

    Agreed on mech and brakeset. Control Tech stem and bars worth maybe £20-30 if they clean up well. Same for the seatpost which looks to be a CT as well. Likewise the Judys may fetch around 50 bucks if they aren't shot internally.

    X-Ray shifters could be worth a little, but these seem to be a bit too battered to be worth much. I spy cracks in the clear housing which was super common on these.

    The frame isn't really worth shit though. No massive demand for retro sweet spot sus frames these days, especially one from an unfashionable brand, with a ratty top tube and suspect rear shock. The hardtail Homegrown of the same era is a nice riding frame (built by Yeti) but even those are cheap these days.

    A few hundred as a complete bike is bang on the money :)

  • I bought an old Marin on here with impeccable WI cranks for £200. Just saying. They aren't made of gold. The fetishising of them is a bit wierd.

    Anyway, fromage has gone a bit quiet so possibly they have got the message.

  • But I'm as irritated as everyone else when some new member pops up here selling shite for stupid money.

  • If seller is clueless as appears i don't think it's uncommon for noobs to Google similar item and get excited about some astronomical price paid/advertised for 'similar' item. Ditto furniture on 1stdibs/pamono/vinterior. Ridiculous valuations.

    All good points above about where value, if any, lies.

  • Great thread. ‘Vintage sandwich’ really made me lol.

    But I agree with what Picco has said. A noob has got excited at pocketing 3 grand and it’s hard to come back down to reality.

    glws :)

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For Sale: Schwinn Homegrown 1995

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