54cm Brian Rourke frame - SOLD

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  • Really nice Brian Rourke built with Deda EOM16.5 tubing - 545 mm top tube

    In really excellent condition - it’s a beautiful build - I bought it secondhand and as it overlaps with others it’s not getting ridden - apart from a tiny dent in the top tube (which I’ve tried my best to show in the photos & it looks worse there than in real life!!), it’s more or less new! No scratches of note and the groupset is in absolutely superb condition- very low mileage indeed

    UPDATE: Now just frame/forks/headset available

    **Now just £250plus postage for the frame/forks/headset (reduced from £350 a few days ago)

    See posts below ref finishing kit and wheels to go with it**

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  • That's lovely Mike. GLWS

  • Not sure if this is my old frame (if not I owned a near identical one, same size)
    Cracking bike one of the nicest riding road bikes I've owned. If I had the funds I'd be dibsing now (I say that about most of your bikes though!)

  • @sacredhart - no this ones not your old one - but it is very similar!!

    It’s a beautiful thing for sure but I’m just not using it and I need cash for fancy wheel builds for my Shand, so….

  • I'd like to register my interest in the groupset either if splitting, or if someone on here fancies the frame.

  • Groupset and wheels are sold -

    So frame, forks and Campag Record carbon headset are now available -

    £350 plus postage

  • Final reduction:
    £325 plus postage for frame/forks/headset

    Im planning to move it to eBay at the weekend if no takers here (for a higher price, of course!)

  • Frame only photos added above 👆

  • Now £300

  • I realise two things:

    1. the dent might be putting people off - its small and definitely not structural, no sharp edges to it and no paint damage in and around it either -
    2. we're in a bit of a financial mess aren't we - with wars, energy crises, inflation and more!


    £275 plus postage for frame, forks and Campag Record carbon headset -

    (didn't get an eBay fees offer last weekend so guessing I'm due one this weekend so will move there once it comes through)

  • Price drop to £250 to tempt someone here since I still haven’t had an eBay fees offer! 😁

    And I’ll do a good deal on finishing kit to fit it - bars, stem, seatpost, saddle, bottle cages all available along with a v nice pair of Mavic Aksium wheels -

  • @velocipede65 can you share anything else about the geometry or likely rider height from you experienced with it? N.b I'm 5'8

  • @user145524 I’m around 5’9” and I’d say it was spot on really - here’s a photo of it built up with seat height at 73cm from centre of BB to top of saddle, which is the height I ride (I have shortish legs for my height)

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  • Ok thanks, looks like 25c max tyres right?

  • I'll take it either way

  • @user145524 - great stuff 👍 - I’ve DM’d you

  • Now sold - many thanks 👍

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54cm Brian Rourke frame - SOLD

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