OT: BMW F650 Funduro £1000

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  • BMW F650 Fundro
    M registration
    Full Givi top box and hard side panniers and racks. Large screen. USB charger. Engine bars. Owners/repair manual. 50500miles on the Clock.

    We called it 'Chips' in our household :)

    Pick up.

    I can email photos as can't seem to upload here - just PM me.

  • Not serious interest but I wouldn't mind seeing a picture if you manage to post em on here

  • Possibly interested. Pm sent.

  • For some reason my android phone (Motorola) dislikes me posting photos here, however I try !

  • Have replied, thanks, let me know if you need more :)

  • I'm actually having a bit of trouble starting it, so may need to wheel it down to the garage when its open. I'm not in the slightest bit mechanically minded, but have checked the fuel, cleaned the spark plugs, checked oil and coolant levels, put new battery.
    I'll get it running and will update this thread. Might be next week at some point.
    Really annoying as I had a lovely run from the coast up to Marlow and back at the end of March and was feeling really pleased with it.

  • I did send you a message for pictures btw

  • Would also like to see pictures.

  • Hiya, can you check your email spam box? I sent them yesterday just before 7pm. I can resend though if you can't find them.

  • @Psy
    If you message me your email address I will send some to you. Cheers

  • Right you are, they were in spam

  • Nice

  • Just a little update, my motorbike guy is on holiday till 21st June, kind of annoying, but it is what it is. He's agreed to have a look on his return so I'm hoping this will all be good to go by the end of June. A bit of a pain, but there you go. I'll keep the thread updated. Thanks all.

  • Update ! The fun is back in the Funduro! My guy drained the carbs of old fuel and replaced the old black plugs and it fired right up. He ran it round the block and it seems fine. I just ran it up over Beachy Head for a nice 10 mile blat on a fresh tank of fuel and I'm happy with how it's running.

  • I also just found a new spare inner-tube, 2L of coolant, some spare bulbs and the old battery still holds a charge so I can throw those bits in. Cheers.

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  • Forgot to mention this also has 2 sets of keys for ignition/fuel cap, top box and side panniers.

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  • I’ve just had my GS stolen, so potential dibs 😌
    I’m busy with the claim and tracking those mudderfudgers, so will get back to this later.

  • That's rubbish, sorry to hear that.

  • Now sold for some more happy adventures and a new life.


OT: BMW F650 Funduro £1000

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