Rust hole in chain stay bridge

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  • Hello lovely people,

    Was wondering if anyone has an opinion on this -

    Just bought a nice old frame that is perfect bar a rust hole in the chain stay bridge - see pic.

    I imagine the rust will have spread inside, and so can anyone recommend the best way to preserve this - maybe something I can inject inside OR should I aim to get the frame repaired.?

    OR... is it OK and I'm just being paranoid ?

    Thanks all!

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  • That looks bad. I would get the bridge replaced before it spreads to the stays.

  • It's ok to leave it if you want to. Chainstay bridges are not even necessary really.
    But I would at least paint it as it will rust on the outside now too.

    It's a fairly simple repair if you do want it done professionally.

    You could try to find some framesaver or other rust prevention solution like ACF50 to hold it off a while longer

  • yeah I think I will and also take @PhilDAS' advice in the meantime as this bike needs riding :) Thanks both.

    Anyone recommend a frame repair outfit in North London?

  • Take it to Varonha frameworks. Worth trekking about of the river for.

  • You could definitely ride it as is, my crusty old brompton has been ridden to death with the bridge rotted through and fallen out.

    I would fill it with rust inhibitor and plug the hole to stop anything getting in there and making it worse.

    That hole won’t affect the rigidity of the frame and if it gets worse you will have plenty of warning. If it does get worse I would maybe replace it later down the line. A fix at this point if done tidily and correctly may just sort it out and go no further.

    Getting it replaced would mean taking it somewhere to be fixed, waiting, getting it sprayed etc and I personally wouldn’t want to wait around and potentially end up paying more than the frame is worth.

  • I've gone for the low-tech approach for now -

    • rust inhibitor
    • some frame repair putty on the way
    • stripped the stays & same treatment too as was some bubbling there & was paranoid
    • going to give it a spray in keeping with its beater status

    It's a proper ratty 60 year old Mercian Superlight, so it's either going to be awesome or a death trap. If former I'll get the stay bridge sorted properly.

    thanks all

  • I have 3 Aende frames and a Bob Jackson with no chain stay bridges, I guess it's 531 being a Superlight? I'd sort the rust there and anywhere else and ride it. Any more pics of the frame?

  • I have one bad picture (frame is drying currently)

    The red is rust inhibitor - stripped the bottom bracket in the end too... intention is to give it a garish 80s two-tone and then ride the fuck out of it.

    The frame confuses me tho - seemed to be a legit superlight (lugs & geometry check out) yet I assumed there'd be a derailleur hanger on the drop out for the road version of this vintage.

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  • Nice :) deffo a Superlight. I wonder if someone has cut off the hanger? Long shot are really old campag Paris Roubaix dropouts with the ridges filed off?

  • Let me know when you want a “new” triangle and I’ll dig out one that’s cosmetically not great but not rusted through?

  • sorry didn't see this. Nope - no sign of hangar having been cut off or anything filed off. Wonder if it was just a custom single-speed setup, or intended to have a hub gear

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Rust hole in chain stay bridge

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