Porsche Boxster 986 2.7

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  • I’ve been n the process of collecting new interior parts. I will bringing some colour into the black on black Boxster.

    Terracotta leather front seats
    Terracotta leather dash
    Terracotta leather door cards

    I’ll get some pics up shortly

  • You did well getting the 2.7. Don't tune it, and leave the suspension alone.

    I had the 3.2 on sports suspension and it was boring as hell because you couldn't rev it or hoon it about without going into highly antisocial and/or illegal speeds. Below 70 it was just blandly competent, which is no fun at all.

  • Dunno, my 3.2 986 is an early one without any traction control etc and has managed to scare me a few times at reasonable speeds..

  • Maybe the sports suspension is what made mine seem so dead then.
    Mind you the 3.2 problem is that if you rev it to hear the nice noise you're doing 90.

  • Ahh the classic 2.7 vs 3.2 debate

    I’m more than happy with the 2.7, decent usable performance without getting into license territory.

    My previous car was a E500, so I wasn’t buying this for outright performance.

  • The Terracotta seats will go in some time this year along with the leather dash and door cards

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  • Nice seats! This is a wicked thread. That GT3 centre console swap is an absolute game changer too.

    How’s the E39 doing? There’s a 530i Manual parked near mine, very temped to ask them very kindly if they’d part with it. Always fancied one after owning a couple of similar era 3 Series’. E46 being the nicest all rounder, despite being extremely rusty.

    Ideal 2 car garage - 986 Boxster and an E39.

  • E39 is long gone I’m afraid, sold it to a breaker as I couldn’t be arsed with it. If I had the space, I would have kept it and tried to save it.

    2.8 M52 is still my favourite BMW engine. Would love another E36 328i touring

  • Door cards collected at the weekend, the lower portion will be recarpeted to black at a local interior shop.

    I’ll grab a pic of the leather dashboard in the near distance future.

    I will start the pre-mot mechanicals in March, with an aim to get through at the start of April.

    New wheel bolts
    Spark plugs
    Spark plug tubes
    Rest discs & pads

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  • Oh no, just found this thread in the middle of a "should I buy a 986" moment. Excited to see the end result.

    I got passed by an MR2 on Saturday which cemented this whole idea. The roads round me are made for a car like the 986.

  • Contemplating selling my 3.2s as I realise I probably want a 996 or possibly 997 (only so I can fit the kids in the back!)

  • Ideally looking for something <6k and unmolested, so I can do all the fun stuff. From what I've read high mileage is a non issue and sometimes preferred. Will keep my eyes open.

    I really wanted a Defender 90 as a project but I just can't justify the prices at the moment.

  • Same reason my E46 went to the breaker, was not worth fixing. M52B28 is fantastic!

    Excited to see those door cards mounted! Having two cars, one for practical/daily use and one for enjoyment seems to be the way to go, just a little hard to justify with on street parking and no garage!

  • Started in the interior swap out this weekend, roof down and the front seats come out very easily. The previous owners were definitely tight, I only found 8p and a nachos.

    I replaced the spark plugs aswell, this wasn’t difficult, just annoying with the lack of access, give me a M52 anyday.

    I knew the coils would be ancient, so it’s on the list for later in the year. Only one of the plugs had a smidge of oil, so I’ll do all the spark plug tubes at the same time.

    One thing I wasn’t happy about was the mismatch spark plugs. Never seen this before

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  • Weird - were they mismatched between banks?

  • Yeah different plugs on each bank. I can only think someone forgot to do the other side when changing them last time round.

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Porsche Boxster 986 2.7

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