Porsche Boxster 986 2.7

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  • Do you own a tig welder? Looks fixable depending on your budget or just buy more

  • New boots fitted all round this morning. I really struggled getting my usual Eagle F1's in a matching set due to Boxster fitment (205/50/17 & 255/40/17).

    The previous tyres were a matching set of MPS2, loads of tread left, but the DOT manufacture stamp was from 2014, so well past their best.

    I ordered a set of Falken 510s, and they were not in stock in the country, so I settled with Hankook Ventus Evo 2, initial thoughts are positive. I was told in Germany these are branded premium, yet in the UK they're branded as mid-range.

    Have started to enjoy the Boxster now it back on the road and enjoying the weather.

    Other small jobs completed
    New front number plate plinth and fittings.

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  • New serpentine belt and tensioner pulley replaced at the weekend, it wouldn't say it's an hard job, just annoying with the lack of access.

    I checked the 2 deflection pulleys, they weren't noisy so I left them and will replace at a later date.

    New and old belt for comparison.

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  • You know you're a tart when you spend £££ on a tequipment gearknob

    Picture and further updates coming shortly

  • Ah, I think I have one in a box - swapped to the Function First one with the 997 short throw shifter.

  • Nice car, great fun for not a lot of outlay.
    Took the front grille off mine, 14 years of wet leaves and a dead starling. Radiators rotten not surprisingly. @dammit if that gear knob is for sale , I’m interested?

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  • Love this, had one a few years ago and definitely want another. Mine was also the 2.7, even tried a bike rack on it haha. Looks like your's is coming along nicely.

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  • I look forward to seeing a bidding war for @Dammit's knob. That is all.

  • Very pleased with my new knob, can't wait to get it fitted.

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  • Over the bank holiday I tackled the driver's door and the whammy of issues.

    1. Window alignment was off resulting in wind noise above 50 in the cabin.

    2. Window glass doesn't drop when the door is open.

    3. The door wouldn't lock properly and required a push to get it seated.

    Dismantled the door card, disconnected the battery for the airbag (alarm isn't connected) and fitted a good second hand genuine Regualtor. Sorry Porsche but I am not paying those prices just yet.

    As you can see the fitted regualtor was shot.

    Fitted the replacement but found the glass was sitting too proud in the frame. That turned out to be a folded rubber gasket that holds the window in place around the clamp.

    I've straighted that overnight in a g clamp and will refit once I've received the ordered lock mechanism. My feeling is the internal microswitches are knackered/burn out, becuase the windows go down when the roof button is depressed.

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  • All the drivers door issues have now been corrected and it's fully operating how it should, really chuffed with that.

    The remedy was a window regulator replacement and door lock mechanism. I went with a good quality OEM regaulator from a Porsche breakers and £25 VW door lock mechanism. A VW part (pictured) was removed so I'm quids in overall.

    I've fitted the tequipment 5 speed Gearknob, huge improvement...

    It's booked in this week for some fluid changes at a Porsche specialist.

    Brake fluid
    Gearbox / Diff
    Power steering

    I've finally got the Boxster in good working order and it's ready for my Brother's 40th NC500 trip at the end of month.

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  • Looks great, you should try one of those clothes debobblers on the alcantara, it brings it up a treat..

    EDIT: Pics added from when I did it on my Passat..

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  • Excellent work, great to see a trip to the breakers and a little persistence and ingenuity paying off.

    PS I also like your new knob

  • The events leading up to NC500 were not ideal.

    I got my Boxster back from the specialist and it was advised that taking it on the trip wouldn't be wise due to the following.

    1). The exhaust system connecting studs were not existent and was held together with rust.

    2). The lower structs were badly corroded and not safe.

    I purchased a stop gap NC500 barge local to me, a very good spec E39 528i touring with moon mileage. Electric seats, memory seats, heated seats, sunroof and shadowline. I've had the M52 engine before and it's an absolute peach. Shame the Cooling system is made of chocolate.

    On the drive back, the top rad split and the drive belt snapped resulting in a breakdown a few miles from me.

    So I took the daily car on the trip which was predictably excellent.

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  • Good thread.

    I read this:

    It's booked in this week for some fluid changes at a Porsche specialist.

    Brake fluid
    Gearbox / Diff
    Power steering

    And I thought: "uh oh"

    Then I read this:

    I've finally got the Boxster in good working order and it's ready for my Brother's 40th NC500 trip at the end of month.

    And I thought: "uuuuuuuh oh"

    Finally, this

    The events leading up to NC500 were not ideal.

    1). The exhaust system connecting studs were not existent and was held together with rust.

    2). The lower structs were badly corroded and not safe.

    What's the plan now?

  • This thread is great.

  • The Boxster is a keeper, I've tucked it up in the garage until the spring next year. I will squirrel some money away over the winter and fix everything in one hit.

    The E39 528i I might keep and use it as a dog walking barge over the winter. It's a reasonable easy fix doing the cooling system. Or I might sell it as a parts car.....

  • What did you pay for the e39? I've been toying with getting one to replace my e46, bit worried about rust issues etc tho!

  • £900 bargain basement stuff

    It's my 4th E39, so far I've had; E39 528i saloon, E39 530d Sport Touring, E39 535i saloon.

    I've had 2 E46 before, 330d sport saloon & 325i sport touring. They drive so well, just found too rust many issues. It wouldn't survive more than a day at John O Groats

  • You found rust worse on the e46s? Thought it was the other way round. I’ve got a banger pre facelift 1997 e39 520i that was £500. Lots of holes and water ingress that I hope my e46 doesn’t have. Big holes in the rear passenger footwells, and has obviously had very leaky rear lights at some point (and an unsuccessful repair attempt with a load of silicone sealant).

    Even less watertight now tho!

    I’ve been tempting myself looking at e39 tourings, just not sure I can make the jump!

    But revving the shit out of the 520i is just more fun than the 320d. Hoping a map will make the 320d more fun, but I’ve got the lust for petrol now.

  • I should really give an update on the NC500 trip.....coming soon

    Day 1. Hampton - Dingwall
    Day 2. Dingwall - Thurso
    Day 3. Thurso - Ullapool
    Day 4. Ullapool - Oban
    Day 5. Oban - Somerset

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  • Winter preparations............

    I've decided to put it on axle stands this winter to reduce any flat spots on the new tyres. I will be removing the centre console and will get that painted to the exterior body colour. It should lift the interior further.

    Mechanical plans

    Rear discs & pads
    Front structs
    Power steering line

  • Inspired by @jono84

    I grabbed a Halfords Advanced tool chest on a black Friday deal £210 from £300, very chuffed with it.

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  • Oh nice, that's a really good price. I love mine so far, has really helped tidy things up.

    Now i'm going to have to see what other stuff is on offer!

  • These come up cheap on marketplace from time to time. Keep your eye out for mid boxes and top boxes if you need to expand storage.

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Porsche Boxster 986 2.7

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