Porsche Boxster 986 2.7

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  • After sitting on the fence for most of 2021 to get my first entry level Porsche plus a short spat in an E500, I decided to get an 2.7 Boxster over a 2.5 & 3.2 S at the turn of the year.

    With a limited budget and a limited buying radius (I only buy cars localish to me), the aim was to get the newest, lowest mileage 2.7 Boxster I could find.

    It's sitting on 99k, fair amount of history/paperwork and the previous owner had the car for 4 years with very little use (a bad thing).

    I have stored the car since purchasing and will start the "freshening up" process hoping to get it ready for NC500 for my brother's 40th at the end of September.

    Job List
    *Revert to original plate.
    *Full service, plugs filters and fluids.
    *New tyres, currently on 4 PS2's dating 2014.
    *Water pump,thermostat & belt.
    *Driver's door regulator and microswitch lock mechanism
    *Check all drain holes / plugs
    *Coffin arms
    *Headlight restoration

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  • You're not superstitious then?

  • Ha, that plate is going for sure. God knows why you have a private plate with the number of the beast in the old plate format

  • or a goth? Please let this be a hi performance pointy shoed goth wagon...

  • oh yes... what this car needs are bat decals.

  • May 2022

    Front bumper and headlights removed to inspect the front rads and condensers. Shock shock horror, they're original and completely knackered. I haven't fully inspected the rads, I suspect they're originals.

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  • Good to see another 986 on here :)

  • May 2022

    Remove mobile phone cradle from centre console, switch-out the CD storage for an additional storage tray, and debating whether to fit the GT3 style centre console delete

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  • fit the GT3 style centre console delete

    I'd strongly recommend it, makes a huge difference to the ambience of the cabin, and (if you are tall) a huge difference to the amount of room you have for your clutch leg.

  • GT3 centre console fitted over the weekend amongst other small jobs. I can't stress how much of a game changer this retrofit is!

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  • I, of course, strongly approve.

  • Also cracked on with the first oil service, air filter & cabin filter. Spark plugs will be done shortly.

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  • Would you say Porsche are easy to do these jobs on?

    I’ve fancied a boxster for a while

  • I'm used to 6 cylinders engines that you can dive into, I haven't really started the proper maintenance. It's definitely not horrific, just more challenging.

    Good example, to change the spark plugs & coils, you have to remove the rear wheels, arch liner, then it's easy access.

  • Wow that sounds like a faff.

    I need to get a new battery, cam belt change and tappets on my Audi 80, but the price for parts is crazy at the moment

  • Great thread, subbed.. Any reason for the 2.7 over the other engines.. I hear stories of IMS bearings etc, anything like that with this model needing done??

  • That makes such a difference.

    Any other mods you’re considering?

  • The 2.7 seemed likes the logical choice to me, I could have got an "S" but I was trying to get the newest and lowest mileage Boxster for £5k.

    I've heard the 2.7 don't suffer from IMS as bad as the 3.2 S, but then again how bad really is it. Forum scaremongering???....

  • Drop a 996 3.4 engine into it ;-)

    At the moment not a lot, just want to get it in a good place for NC500 in September. I've managed to bag my favourite period Porsche wheels last week, I'll add some pics shortly.

  • The 3.2 and the 3.4 are the same short block, just larger diameter pistons/cylinders.

    2.7 is the original, double row IMSB, I'd not worry about it personally, and when changing the clutch I'd flip the seals off the bearing to ensure that it gets oil to it.

  • My alloys have arrived this morning, true Boxster fitment "Carrera" style wheels, these are my favourite 986/996 wheel of choice, love the design.

    F 7.5J ET 50
    R 9J ET 52

    Tyres are shot naturally

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  • Lightest of the wheels available for the platform (in 18") I believe.

  • Pretty annoyed, went to fit 2 fronts Eagle F1's this morning, for the tyre shop to tell me one of the rims is badly cracked. This wasn't stated at all in the sales listing.

    Negative energy was converted into positive energy and I made a good start on restoring the cloudy headlights.

    FYI - I used the Turtle wax kit

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  • Before....

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  • After...

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Porsche Boxster 986 2.7

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