Broken power meter battery connector

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  • The battery connector thingy has popped out of my power meter and I'm not sure how to fix it. I was thinking I could get some sort of "conductive" glue to attach it back in? I'm not really sure what I'm doing tbh, so thought it would be better to ask on here! Here's some pics of what I'm on about:

  • Or maybe I need to solder it?

  • Personally, I'd go with conductive glue over applying heat to it. That might just be me being overly cautious.

  • Thanks for the reply. I've been googling conductive glue but I'm a bit confused as to exactly what I need. There's mixed reviews for some of the stuff on Amazon, and eBay isn't much better. Do you have any idea of what could actually do the job?

  • I had a 4iiii double sided power meter fall apart and it was refunded under warranty because they didn’t make that model anymore.

    I wouldn’t touch it with glue or solder, I’d investigate warranty replacement.

  • Thanks for this - I've got in touch with 4iiii who've offered me a new factory install for 50% off.

    The only issue is that I need to send them my crank arm - still unsure if I need to post to the US or if they have a UK hub I can send it to. Not ideal if it's the US as the cost of postage, plus import taxes on the way back will probably eat into that discount considerably.

    Waiting on a reply from them so I'll see what they say...

  • Shouldn't get hit for import duties in either direction as long as it's clearly marked as warranty repair goods

  • Technically it isn't a warranty replacement as it's out of warranty, and they're just offering me a discount on a new item.

    They want me to send it to Canada, so it might not be worth it - will have to look into postage etc...

  • I've just seen this on 4iiii's site:

    When a crank is sent in for a Factory Install, the commercial invoice we send along with the ship label reads "REPAIR AND RETURN."

    Hopefully, as you say @jsabine, that means I won't get charged import tax 🤔

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Broken power meter battery connector

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