Crust Romanceur. I hate road bikes edition.

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  • Turned 29. Had mid life crisis early. Sold my car. Sold my road bike.

    Helped run the LA Invitational ride last week which was sponsored by Crust. So much Crust. Crust everywhere. Suddenly wanted to join the cult Crust. There was a swap meet. I brought a sweet 1990 Stumpjumper for errands and a Burley trailer for my dogs. But I needed to replace my Seven with something. Enter the Romanceür. Rim brake version, of course. It doesn’t rain in Pasadena.

    No idea how I’m gonna build this yet - have had lots of thoughts so far - but frame and wheels have been ordered.

  • Seems to be quite a bit of crust going round. Subbed.

  • Subbed, always enjoy your builds

  • I don’t think they’re usually anything special, but I’m going to be particularly meticulous about this one.

  • Subbed

    Did you actually sell the 7?

  • Yep. I drove it down to San Diego today without a single ounce of regret or remorse. He got a great deal. Selling small custom bikes is hard. It’s sat pretty much unused for almost six months and when I did ride it, I just wanted to go home or be off road somewhere.

  • 😭

  • It’s just a bike 🤷🏻♂️ Nothing that can’t be acquired again.

  • When are you going to get into mtb? I think I might get into mtb. Dammit's raaw is my favourite bike, despite the fact I know nothing about MTBs.

    Also excited to see this crust.

  • i did say when you went all campag that you should consider off road ;) no better place to do if whatever i see on prolly is true!

    shame about rim brakes

  • Legitimately building bikes for warm, dry conditions - something I like to enjoy vicariously.

    So, what are your plans?

  • Maybe once the summer has been and gone/I’ve built this and done it justice. It probably won’t be cheap to build this because I want close to NOS 9 speed XTR stuff which is not cheap rn, racks, lights etc.

  • The photos you saw from the LA Invitational is literally my back yard so yeah, this kinda bike makes sense.

  • See above :) don’t wanna write too much in case I change my mind entirely. I still haven’t even decided on drops vs flat bars.

  • Aw yiss.

  • Photos of the Crust and Stumpy needed!

  • Rim brake version, of course. It doesn’t rain in Pasadena.

    Omg yes. Cantis vs mini V is the real question here, but appreciate you may not have an answer to this yet. Also flats vs spds? XTR sounds dreamy. Rapid rise rear derailleur for grant points? Only really worth it with friction shifting though tbf.

    LA invitational looked great fun. Looking forward to the build and love how bicycle tastes change. I can build a ‘bike for life’ one day and then realise its not for me merely weeks later. Keeps things interesting and I’m glad it’s not a more expensive hobby!

  • Has to be mini vs. cantis are garbage.

  • I sure hope JB is going to run a tyre that disqualifies mini-Vs.

  • Ooof two strong opinions already. Spicy. Detail chat like this is what I live for.

  • Avid shorty ultimate, swept riser, and some horrendously expensive tyres please.

    I wanted to buy one of these a few years ago, but was out of stock for 6 months, and ended up with a VO polyvalent. What colour?

  • Keeping with the xtr groupset, gotta be m900 cantis surely?

  • The lettering comes M900 cantis with the mildest of reproving glances so the NOS bit might be be a challenge.

    Tricky cantis from the M900 era would be 🔥

  • Didn’t say I was buying a group set. The issue is that V brakes without travel adapters means flat bars. Minimotos are cool but can’t take big tyres. So we are left with cantis. Which work terrifically well, even for my heft. Maybe a brake booster and neo retro/touring canti.

    Definitely flat pedals. Absolutely looooving the MKS Gamma’s on my Stumpjumper.

    Also, only available colour in rim is pistachio.

  • Aye, I meant the xtr cantis not v brakes, opens up the use of flat bar or drop (some nice wide Crust/Nitto bars).
    Single or double front rings?
    Love the pistachio colour way, excited to see which way you take it anyway.

    I have a rather big birthday coming up next year, (if I can get my shit together, which is unlikely) I was thinking of getting on a plane with a bike and seeing a bit of California, would be cool to go for a ride with someone who knows the area, if you're still out there, and are up for being a guide.

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Crust Romanceur. I hate road bikes edition.

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