Sorting out Dad’s garage.

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  • Hi
    Amongst other things I found these at the bottom of a box in Dad’s garage.
    They look pretty old and I wondered if there’s much value to them before I let them go as part of a job lot.
    Any help gratefully received

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  • I’ve also got 850’ ish cycling weekly magazines from 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s.
    Not sure what to do with those 😁

  • I think the first front changer is a Nuovo Record ('70's/80's) the second is a Gran Sport (50's /60's) the rear mech is also a Gran Sport. Some one will certainly want them, but I don't think you'll be able to give up the day job!

    The Cyclings also have some value - just the number of them must make the whole lot worth something. I would be interested in at least some of the pre-war editions.

  • 😂 Thanks clubman.
    Where are you based? If local you’re welcome to pop round.
    I’m in West Sussex.
    I’ve got 32 from 1932 poor condition
    37 from 1933
    50 from 1934
    54 from 1935 (includes two show editions)
    48 from 1936
    44 from 1937 (including 2 show & 1 coronation editions)

  • Here’s a photo from the August 12th 1936 copy.
    Olympic Year and a very dark time in history.

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  • And another from the same issue.

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Sorting out Dad’s garage.

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