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  • The Pedal Club is a 'one of a kind' cycling club. Essentially it is a debating forum (and lunch club) open to people who have made a mark on the world of cycling. It is London based.

    I have been a member for some time*, and I have taken a few lfgss users along as guests.

    Rather than trying to give a full explanation of the club I'd like to refer you to the club's web site, which will give you a much better idea of the club than I could here:

    I've recently started writing reports on each lunch meeting, and I intend to post links here ( unless you tell me they're too boring to be on lfgss)

    I'd certainly be interested in any feedback, particularly about the website.

    It must be admitted that Pedal Club members tend to be old, but in two of the three recent reports linked below our speakers have been right at the cutting edge: Victoria Hood is a passionate advocate of women's racing, and has strong views on the transgender issue, while Jeremy Ford's talk on African cycling came just a few days before an Eritrean stage victory in the Giro.

    Anyway, here are the last three reports:­e-the-pedal-club-lunch-may/­he-pedal-club-april-lunch/­edal-club-march-lunch/

    *I'm not at all sure that I'm really qualified to be there with the great and the good of cycling, but I managed to sneak in somehow without anyone examining my credentials too closely!

  • An interesting read thanks for posting. Such a rich history to your club.

  • I attended a Pedal Club lunch as a guest of the much-missed Rocco Richardson some years ago. The setup sounds like it might be a bit stuffy but it was actually good fun with interesting attendees and speakers.

  • An Oversight

    I've just realised that I have not posted the June Pedal Club lunch report link here.

    I hope it's got some interest for the forum - our speaker was Mike Broadwith who is currently on the Transeuropean race, which has attracted interest on here.

    Here's the link:­edal-club-lunch-june-22/

    There was no report for the July meeting since I didn't go, but I hope to report the August meeting in a couple of weeks time.

  • Several years ago Hippy said in a forum post that 'I doubt whether 5% of people on here have heard of Beryl Burton'.

    Perhaps that was putting it a bit strongly, but if you're not aware of her there's a big gap in your cycling knowledge.

    If you have a look at this VeloUK article you may be encouraged to find out more, perhaps even to buy Jeremy Wilson's book. One intriguing story in it is Xavier Disley's research which compares BB's actual times, done with no modern aerodynamic aids, with the times that she would have achieved with modern kit. This work was done with the aid of BB's last TT bike, a model wearing her clothes and even equipped with a curly wig, and the same model with a modern bike and kit, both in a wind tunnel.

    The results suggest that her performances would still be records at all distances except 10 miles. And that was on the basis of her 'antique' training method which was simply to ride a great many hard miles!

    Here's the link:­edal-club-lunch-report-august/

  • Will have a look.

    I bought "Beryl Burton - Personal Best" back in 2009. That must've been about when I started riding TTs. No idea why or where I first heard of her exploits but I am a pretty voracious reader (if not of books these days, at least online) and reading about people good at something is a good way to find ways to be better at something :)

  • What is the Golden Book and can we see a copy of Cliff's page?

  • The Golden Book

    The Golden Book was originally an initiative of Cycling (the magazine), intended to honour cyclists who had achieved great things. The first entry was made at the 1932 BBAR concert.

    For reasons I don't fully understand Cycling got bored with the project, and in the early nineties the then management were on the point of throwing the existing book away. It was rescued by Keith Robins (a Pedal Club member) and preserved by the club. The Pedal Club then started its own 'Pedal Club Golden Book' which is where Cliff Shrubb's entry will be kept.

    Here is a link to the club's website were both books can be seen:

    Unfortunately the new Cliff Shrubb page has not yet got onto the website, but I have a photo which I think will enable you to read it - I will post it here soon, but I can't do it immediately because the pic wasn't intended for this purpose and will need drastic editing which I can't do this moment. Watch this space!

  • Here's the citation:

    Sorry to have been a bit slow with this, but I've had a busy few day with the Victor Berlemont road race.

    I'm afraid Carol's signature has somehow been lost off the bottom of the image, but I can promise you it is there!

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    • Cliff Shrub Citation.jpeg
  • November Lunch Report­edal-club-november-meeting/

    It's worth noting that Andy Cook is effectively a 'members rep' for BC members.

  • December Lunch­edal-club-december-lunch-report/

    A brief report - no famous speaker this time.

    All the same, it's pleasing to note that one of our young protegees has shown well abroad.

  • February Lunch

    January meeting was the AGM, so a bit too tedious to report here.­he-pedal-club-lunch-february/

  • A Distinguished New Member

    The Pedal Club has traditionally had a strong contingent of cycling journalists among its members.

    These have included leading editors, including Peter Bryan (The Bicycle) H.H. England and Alan Gayfer (Cycling) and Jock Wadley (Coureur/Sporting Cyclist).

    We are now pleased to announce that Simon Richardson, the current editor of Cycling Weekly, has joined the club.

  • I'm surprised it took so long!

  • It is to Simon's credit that this has taken a long time.

    As is well known, the Pedal Club was the product of nineteenth century minds; it had a 'men only' rule until relatively recently. Changing this had been discussed for many years, but it proved hard to do because the rule was enshrined in a difficult to change constitution which was supported by a few ultra conservatives.

    Finally in 2021 we achieved reform and there is no doubt that admitting women members has been good for the club in many ways.

    One of these is that a number of people, well qualified to be members, who had previously refused to join a club which excluded half of humanity, came forward. Mr. Richardson is among those men (and, of course, women!).

    Yes, it has taken a little while since the rule change, but that's because he's a busy man.

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The Pedal Club

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