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  • £10 motion sensor and solar. Not very bright at all, but it is just to be able to see the combination on the padlock. I hate the neighbour's sun light mains powered one that floods the neighbouring gardens every time a fox scratches its arse so was trying to avoid similar. Plus, middle of Lidl "huh, that might be handy" psychology played a large part.

    For layout, I really wanted to tray and achieve what I heard Adam Savage refer to as "first order retrieval". Where if you have to move something out of the way to get at a thing, you probably won't use that thing. Little detials like the two folding workmate benches by the vac, they are stacked sideways rather than one in front of the other so I can grab either one. Seems fairly common sense but it's surprising how easy it is to go back to piling stuff up in the most space efficient way rather than the most use efficient way, if that makes sense. Granted, in the above photo, the workbench is in the way of the shelves but it is usually in the middle with clear space around it. Adding more sockets was also another thing, plugging and unplugging meant I was thinking twice about whether or not I could be arsed to use the pillar drill for example and instead just grabbing the cordless and getting poorer results. Proper goal is to move things around again. Current arrangement had only some thought about what was used most but mainly about being able to use everything. As I learn what I use most and where, I can start to re-arrange.

    Flat surfaces are something I also wanted lots of to be able to work on things and have plenty of space to set bits down without losing them mid project. But keeping those clutter free is a constant battle. Good thing is though I quite like spending an evening in there with a beer, Youtube on the TV and just pottering and tidying.

  • Nice shed thread!

    Are you thinking/planning to insulate? or are you going to see how it fares over winter and go from there? or is it not something you're worried about?

  • Not worried about insulating. It has a vapour house wrap type layer if I decide to infuture. But it's well ventilated and I never had a problem in my old shed.

    Just did a bit of storage/hanging for some of the new tools.

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  • Had a work "wellbeing day", which is a free day off a quarter, so made myself a valet tray and a lock holder for the cargo bike.

  • Had a work "wellbeing day", which is a free day off a quarter, so made myself a valet tray and a lock holder for the cargo bike.

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  • Tonight was a bit of plane practice. Looking more at getting something wider than the plane blade to be flat and square. Baltic birch ply planes really nicely. This will probably get rounded corners/edges and live its life as a coaster. But happy with the technique. Buzzed the bits off on the (rough) bandsaw then attacked it with the low angle jack plane. Need it to not be late in the evening to bust out the router to do the round overs. Love a planed finish.

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  • .

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  • That coaster looks lovely! Great planing.

  • .

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  • Ooh that’s lovely! Can you send me a pm with a price you’d be happy with for a wee set of these please?

  • The ply ones? Would depend if I have enough ply, but I wouldn't charge for them, just postage and a forum donation. Or just the cost of buying some ply. Let me look at what I have next time I'm in the shed. I'll send you a PM.

  • Group buy? I'm in!

  • That’s really kind of you, thank you! Wouldn’t feel right you not getting anything out of it as that’s a lot of skill/work/time/clamping/glue.. happy to do a forum donation as well but would need to get you something.

    Also, just noticed your middle of lidl quote, that’s one of the shops we do have up here and I’m in looking constantly, got a nice wee stove fan for £20 yesterday. Anyways, really nice work bud

  • Auch, this one was only a lot of work because it started out as planing practice. I could get the same result with a powered sander for less of the effort. The only issue is materials, I can see in my head some chunks of ply in a corner, but can't recall if I've already used them. Plus, pottering around in the shed playing with tools is my happy place. If someone else gets something out of it, even better. I get entertainment and value out of your own thread. I'll let you know. I need to grab a load of stuff out of the shed for sanding a floor over the weekend so I'll take a look later.

  • Not enough ply for a "set", but would a pair do you?

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  • That would be incredibly generous of you kind sir, thank you. This kind of stuff on lufguss really warms my heart

  • PM me your address

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