Van life, brahh

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  • Automatic?

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  • Just seen this thread, that shot with the bike in the back is what dreams are made of. Very Joey Dunlop vibes, I approve.

  • Bought this Gig just over a week ago. France bound on Saturday

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  • Same people probably disagree about running Straight veg oil.

    Amsol US did tests and got different results, but of course amsols addative did better.

  • So straight to Aldi cooking section?

  • Cash and carry and the 15l or 20l bottles. But used veg oil is cheaper,­ble-living/green-transportation/home-bio­diesel-production-zm0z15aszmar/

    But SVO prices mean that diesel is cheaper.

    Wonder what 28second burn heating oil costs and a bit of two stroke for lube.

    Is the type of two stroke used mentioned in the article as cheap mineral has been the go to while the semi or fully synth cause issues.

  • Locally there had been theft of tankers full of used cooking oils. Pretty sure that it ended up fuelling the vehicles at a particular settlement.

  • I made a bed out of extruded aluminum that I had left over from some old test rigs many years ago, very comfortable and will slide together when not in use (the mattress is from an Ikea sofa bed)

    To further my aim of doing it on the cheap, I use the front canopy of my tent as a side awning, it provides some nice living space if away for more than one night.

    @Nahguavkire - My Vito Dualiner is 2010 and I spend a weekend each summer treating any rust I can find (chassis or body) in the hope that it may prolong its life for as long as possible.

  • I have some Futon Company folding go-beds arriving any day.

    Bad photo, but shunt the Sherco off far left, then a Murphy bed can fold up/down off the driver-side wall.

    Frame only, hinged at the wheel box, fold-out legs that latch up onto the frame (yellow squiggle). Frame latches against wall to keep out the way (red dots). Mattresses fold up and sit in the gap behind driver seat.

    This way I maintain maximum cargo space, without removing or assembling a bed.

    Once I get the mattresses, I’ll build the frame and see how it sits.

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  • Here we go!

    They arrived yesterday but only just opened to take a look at them today. Seem absolutely fine.

    At half price, I ordered two. I have the choice of double-thick comfort for myself, or (if the bike is absent) a second person in marginal comfort.

    With those measurements a narrow Murphy should sit well against the wall and fold down without trouble.

    Also tempted to just buy a folding bedframe, like the Jay-Be. Not sure that it will sit high enough to clear the wheel arch though. Also more spendy than repurposing bed slats from a scrap bed from storage.

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  • Took Sherco for MOT, then took longer driving to a practice spot than I did practice on it.

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  • Made a bed from scratch today. Had to make a run to the lockup that needed emptying. Used the slats from a divan bed that had been waiting in there forever.

    B&Q for some wood for the frame/legs. Grabbed a bunch of offcuts from them just in case too.

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  • Part 1 - the B&Q wood was 1800mm long, the exact size I wanted for the bed frame. However I either needed to make it to strap to the wall, or fold up some other way. So I went for folding up 1:2. That way it can strap to the cage bulkhead and provide extra protection from flying crap in event of a crash.

    Laid it flat to see what it would be size-wise then got to work.

    (… uploading pics)

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  • Part 2 - legs took some thinking about. I wanted a different system but in the end I used some reinforcements and typical leaning type.

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  • Not sold on it yet. I want a couple more reinforcements, and I will put a couple of blocks to anchor it to the van side. That should avoid nasty surprises during the night.

    Main thing is, it fits the futon perfectly.

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  • Edit: I didn't go up thread very far...Granda is that you?

    I had a similar set up in my T5, I don't have any pics to hand as I'm away from my laptop but my grandad is a carpenter and a genius.

    The gist of it was, it folded up to the wall of the van. A strut along the length of the side on joists and the wheel well which was screwed in. Then a hinged bed supported by folding out legs came down, very sturdy.

    So it folded flat to the wall when not in use and came down half way when in use. We then made a second half which can be removed completely which made it a double bed with no space for bikes when needs be.

    Annoying I cant get a photo for ya but it was a wonderful solution.

  • This was my Plan A, exactly that.

    I chose against it because I wanted (for the time being) a totally removable bed, to keep the cargo space versatile. It also bypassed issues with mounting to the sloped wall and hinges on the length. I have a soaked pair of motorcycle jeans from riding to B&Q in the rain for now-surplus packs of hinges.

    I had planned just as you say, but this takes barely a minute to set up and is totally removable.

    The double bed idea was also just as you suggest. But again, decided I have time to make an alternative bed solution for a double if those opportunities arose.

  • If you haven’t done the passenger seat yet perhaps look for a swivel single seat I had one on a sprinter totally unnecessary but did get used a lot

  • Swivels are going for a premium because of the VW camper crowd. Hoping to source a good used driver seat, and then later affix a swivel base.

  • Dam I practically gave mine away if your gonna be carrying a motor bike around a lot I’d possibly consider getting some runners fitted does make the job a lot easier

  • Really? Don’t look at the current values!

    It’s a hipster tax like we have on bike stuff - a £5k van going for £40k because it is overloaded with furniture.

    Unlike pretty much every site I checked, I want minimal and versatile. Swivel chair would be mega versatile, I admit.

    Runners? How so?

  • I drove this around BC and the North West of the US for 5 months. Just myself my mountain bike and my road bike. It's was basically an apartment on wheels with a queen bed and while it was 1986 and very kitsch it was a great time. Drive, ride, sleep, repeat. So so so slow.

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  • You can tell I’m way out of touch with current trend and prices 4k for some metal strips with holes 🤔

  • Megabucks, for real.

    @Stoo61 not jealous at all. Nope.

  • Just to clarify the van was a 1986. It was 2018.

    @pdlouche Just to quell that a little it went through 2 alternators, the tank was well over $100 to fill and that was every 2 days minimum and like I say, painfully, embarrassingly slow over mountain passes. But aye, what a tiiiiime.

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Van life, brahh

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