• Ah man that is a cool ride! Top.

  • Are you new here?

  • Yeah, I'm new here and wondering why anyone hasn't suggested the Ride 150. It's actually cheaper than the Ride 100.

  • Maidstone,Kent

    Hi Johnny, thanks for replying after I got all judgemental up in your thread. There's two trains that will get you to London for 8am, you could ride to the start for half past. Please consider it.

    Parking is generally quite hard in London, which I suppose is why you came for advice. The reason it is hard to park is: cars are too big for densely populated areas. I would actually suggest that, the quiet time on the train and riding to the start will be more enjoyable than sitting in the car, probably in traffic, trying to squeeze into a spot, rebuilding your bike on the pavement etc

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  • That’s a very late start time

  • I actually got the date wrong, you can get in for 07.21

    Everything is possible without a car. Cars create more problems than they solve.

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  • Everything apart from setting off in the 6am wave, it would appear.

  • Ah, sorry. Some of the members here can be very condescending.

  • When I did the 100 in 2016, getting to the start for the 6am first wave was a huge pain. We ended up riding 40km from home to Stratford just to the start.

  • Based on the arrival windows it's not just the 6am.

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  • We definitely sailed pretty close to the wind with the arrival time window, wasn't comfortable.

    If i was doing it again i'd have got the train in the night before and stayed somewhere closer to the start

  • I'm with you on this one. For cycling to become normalised in London for most people it will need to part of the transport solution not the solution.

    Remind you to shout at the next Brompton riders on the tube or buses...unacceptable behaviour.

  • Wrote a long post, deleted it by accident. Can't wait for a mass shift everywhere away from individual private vehicles, but the carrot to the stick of taxes/LTNs/fuel prices etc. is sadly lacking - public transport is currently largely, let's face it, shit and expensive.

  • I was being silly, and I'm going to assume you were also being silly by equivocating single passenger car use for recreation with public transport use for commuting.

  • public transport is currently largely, let's face it, shit and expensive.

    Not in London though. Where has better public transport?

  • Not in London though

    I don't condone driving to ride your bike but in fairness you can't take a bike on most of the tube or on any buses so it's a bit shit in the context of this thread. Granted OP could get a train in and ride but in general London transport is not great for the purposes of getting to the start of a ride

  • Well I was thinking of, for example, bringing a bike from Bristol (where I live [laugh and love]) to London on the train - £££ and requires booking etc, tiny shit bike hangers on the train...

    Within London you'd just be riding anyway!

  • GWR takes the cake

  • it's tough, susceptibilities will take a hit as demonstrated, but for positive change we need to let go of a bit of comfort.

  • but for positive change we need to let go of a bit of comfort.

    I agree and convince everyone in extended family, relatives etc to vote green and have dialogue with people to convince them into voting green and push local politicians to be brave by writing to them and get involved in local active travel groups etc

    or you know, shout at each other like "DRIVER! MURDERER!" which does nothing but puts onus onto individuals while the government gets away with doing nothing.

  • These grey BMCs shouldn't be allowed anywhere.

  • I really don't want to get involved in encouraging people to drive into London, but I think in a city where people will happily drive their Evoque half a mile to drop kids at school, I can't really get worked up if someone doesn't want to negotiate public transport with a bike. Not just to the event, but presumably after as well. The last thing I'd want after riding 100 miles and wearing damp lycra (no drop bags I think?) is to find I'm not allowed onto a train with my bike, which I presume is a distinct possibility.

  • GWR is the reason I don't do more Bristol rides.

  • So just tiny room for one bike on the whole train? Awful.

  • Is the alternative for more people to live in London?

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Need a parking spot on 29th.May within 5 miles of Whitehall.

Posted by Avatar for johnnywbike @johnnywbike