• Oh shit, I'm doing it again. Sorry everyone

  • I’m doing the ridelondon, heading from Sheffield. I’m currently waiting for EMR to confirm bike reservations for train tickets I haven’t booked yet because like fuck am I booking them without the bike reservation in place. If I have to wait much longer, or if the price of the unbooked train goes up because all the advance singles sell out, then you better believe I am slinging the bike on the back of the car and driving down. Will I feel guilt for having to drive because of the chronic shittiness of our public transport? I will not. Fight me.

  • I found that booking with Avanti lets you book a bike at the same time, even for a Crosscountry train. Might work for EMR too?

  • Lol, this country is so fucking dumb. Why have an integrated rail network when you can have a confusing mass of overlapping providers? Thanks for the hint though, I’ll see if that trick works.

  • There should be responsibility placed on the organisers to discourage people from travelling to an event like this by car, especially given there's 25k riders. Not even a bit on the website suggesting people car share if they must arrive by car.

    I read they'd ditched the bag drop at the start this year too, which will likely create even more car journeys as people use their car as 'mobile bag drop' etc

  • I recently booked a bike on EMR on whatsapp. Took 5 mins. https://api.whatsapp.com/send/?phone=447­501330988&text&app_absent=0

  • This thread is pure LFGSS.

    So much condescension, all it needs is a few threats and insults.

  • They do not advertise this service on their website but I will give it a shot, cheers.

  • Disappointed this thread wasn't started by someone with a username like 'unabomber' or similar.

  • I think @William is right, i don't see no patronising or condescension. If you drive a hundred miles on your own to a cycling sportive ride, you can hear that your priorities can be worked on.

  • i mean we have an MTB thread.

  • We have car, motorbike and now van life threads which actively celebrate fossil culture and where the users don't seem to be getting told that their priorities can be worked on. But I guess one guy looking for a parking space is totemic.

  • Ok, all the individual people that drive to LEL or PBP need to work on their priorities.

  • Yeah, we have a guy selling his land rover on here, and the abuse they got compared to others offering land rovers for sale must be down to the old join date or post count bollocks,

  • Get a bike on a local bus or longer range coach before you start moaning.

  • Ah yes, anyone who wants to take their bike for a drive should be LFGSS untouchable

  • it's moaner central here
    what we need is a Megavalanche thread

  • Johnnywbike there are enough high horses in this thread you might be able to borrow to get to London if lads can get down off them

  • I rode out to Peaslake and back today. But then I cant drive

  • Plenty of clapham is free on single yellow on Sunday, there even some bits that free permanently, but they are extremely busy and hard to get.
    I suspect you could even get closer then that if some is familiar with areas such as stockwell vauxhall ...etc.

  • Hey, fuck you guys for being all judgemental about people driving into London to cycle out of London. On a cycling forum of all places.

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Need a parking spot on 29th.May within 5 miles of Whitehall.

Posted by Avatar for johnnywbike @johnnywbike