• Just a placeholder for now but I've got some brakes to sell in varying condition. Will post photos later.

    £40 TRP

    £35 Avid

    £35 XT

    Based in Bristol and collection is preferred but will post for cost.


  • Interested in the TRPs pending piczzzz

  • also interested in the trps

  • Lost the original noodles but includes Ti mounting bolts - obviously new pad inserts are required.

    I used these until recently and they were all good - swapped out for TRP CX9 to clear mudguards. The green stuff is grease btw.

    Will get photos of the other stuff in a bit.

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  • XT brakes are the parallel push flavour - I got some XTR v brakes for cheap and never used these but they seem in good condition. They don’t include bolts or any pad hardware so on reflection, let’s say £30 plus post.

    The BB7s are the s model so have Ti bolts - again, doesn’t include any mounting hardware, rubber boots are missing as well and the little metal slotted spacer thingy appears to be missing on one calliper. I have a full brand new set of pads to include as well as a bag of spares which may have some rubber boots and that spacer - will track it down. £30 plus post

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  • Chris King 1 1/8 decent nick - smooth bearings. £55

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  • CK sold.

    Surprised the TRPs are still here. £40 not a good deal? Can include some fresh pads to sweeten the deal.

  • Didn’t come back to you on these but the mudguard clearance issue might be a deciding factor. Can you tell me what size tire (and guards) you were trying to accommodate? Cheers.

  • 35mm tyres under 45mm guards? They actually did clear them but the front noodle kind of rested on the mud guard which annoyed me even though it made seemingly no difference to the bike.

    Let me know.


  • suprised too. they sell well on ebay and marketplace

  • will the trp's clear 38mm tyres?

  • Almost certainly. I have run 42mm with no guards with these brakes on various set ups.

  • Still have the chris king and the trp?

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For sale: Chris King and Brakes - XT V brakes, TRP CX8.4 and Avid BB7s

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