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  • found an extra 1inch ck lower crown and fitted it to the top. zero stack headset bodge, seems like it could work …..

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  • casati looks amazinggggg

  • amazing seat stays

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  • Looks Perfect! @gubhi

  • Picked up the khs aero track.

    Needs proper restoring tho
    Seems abused n sad
    Put a seat post in and a stem to see the fit.
    Probably will keep them on. Nitto and easton can’t go wrong

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  • The drop outs are ugly, sanded and painted orange I don’t know why…. but I think a real good clean, red paint n some clear coat will be good enough

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  • very nice catch! other than the repainted dropouts, it looks not too sad actually.

  • @HK_Berlin it’s more ratty in person but Before I washed it, it looked sad.
    Cleaned it up. It’s not that bad at all. Paint chips and the drop outs can be sorted.

  • Smart move with the second crown race.

  • Wowowowoow what a thread!

  • Thank you! @josh @yoshy
    I visited lidl this weekend and came across red spray paint in the middle aisle (red varnish I think?) I’ll upload a photo in a bit but it sorted the drop outs out! Some wet sanding and a few nice coats in the sun and it’s done.
    Maybe I’ll dab some on the paint chips too.

  • Fitted a Hatta swan I forgot I had. It used to live on the samson when I had it. Salsa lip lock clamp looks nice. Easton carb seat post, Pearl 100mm but I really need a 120+ ! If anyone wants to trade please dm.
    Zen on 165mm suntour superbpros/superlap.
    GR9s w toshi straps
    Macks on rydes. But I’m thinking silver DA wheels will look better but I’m not sure.
    Rides super stiff, fast, agressive and it’s surprisingly comfortable (probs the steel fork)
    It has a short TT so I do have overlap but I’m ok with overlap. Lean life.
    a VERY compact frame for a 57cm
    I’m happy with the drop outs. I’ll upload some more pics later on w the lidl spray can

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  • i still use an iphone 6, so photo quality sucks haha

  • Is that a 26.8 Easton carbon post?

  • lovely bikes! is that your Regal? if you ever think of selling let me know!

  • yes it is but its 27.2

  • i dont have it anymore! it was pretty wide though

  • miracle in a can

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  • Already has grease on from me playing with wheel set ups but I’m gunna go for the WI on campy Moskva, drop outs don’t look bad either

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  • Just discovered that the seat stays are not centred on the khs. Centre in the chain stays but not seat stays. All wheels are dished and trued. Dmed seller to find out what’s going on with this. I think Its been rear ended in a crash

  • it isn’t bad but it does suck. Second frame on this thread out of centre 🥲

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  • Ok, from investigating the frame, and staring at it for hours on end.
    It seems the drop outs are the issue.
    The left one is slightly bent/twisted inwards, but very very slightly.
    This is causing the wheel axle to sit lower than the drive side.
    It can be sorted out with a bit of tinkering

    I hope....

  • Khs aero track update. Other than the out of centre rear triangle.
    I’ve been riding it around the place like this but I need a 130-140 mm Stem, the 110 is tooo short. The TT is short an the wheelbase is short. Feels very fast on straights, gotta get the crit lean in on sharp turns, overall it’s really satisfying to ride.

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  • This is splendid

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gavs fixies

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