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  • i got addicted to building fast track bikes years back which got a bit crazy, I had too many bikes at one point, Casati, Rourke, Samson, All city bigblock, Bianchi super pista,Rush hour pro, Pagani, had about 3 affinity low pros, 5 cinelli mashes etc etc etc...... had to slim down on bikes as I had no room, so i sold almost everything over the last couple of years and now im done.
    sticking with just 4 bikes rn, maybe a fifth..
    5 projects, builds, bikes, fixies

    BMW Gangsta v4, hi contrast red, from Japan size L
    Flite, Sug75dds,AARN 47, Philwood slr/velocity deep v, panaracer GK 38mm thomson 120mm, nitto simworks sweep back bars, oury grips, mks sylvans, cadence double straps,
    The daily, work commutes, shopping trips and fun times, its got a slightly out of centre rear triangle (bad QC from factory) but speaking with a couple of frame builders who reckon they can sort it out.
    other than that, this bike can do it all for me rn, it does not feel out of centre but visually it is.

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  • GT GTB, size 57 w og steel fork, nitto pearl, nitto bars, nitto seatpost, concor light, CK gripnut, Superlap Sug75 bb, Suntour superbe pro cranks, zen 48, mack super lights on unknown rims (i think they are ryde rims) mks gr9, cadence straps.
    I wanted one of these for ages, finally found one for sale 5 years ago in san jose for around 350$ posted (a steal) It has a high bb with aggressive geo and super fun whipping around on the streets, ive built it up in all different ways, constantly changing the saddle, pedal and bar set ups, Still want to change a few things. I think it looks abit ugly rn with the saddle, and im currently waiting on a uncut 1 inch alpina track fork orignally from a koga fulltrackpro, @bart90 is selling a bunch from Poland. It will lighten the front up

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  • Already two of my favourite forum bikes, can't wait to see the rest.

    Out of interest do you build bikes to race or for specific riding or is it more for the enjoyment of sourcing parts and building?

  • LOW// pursuit 2012 60cm, Built for @TM , sold to @DragunovCZ1, then sold to me shortly after.
    Duraace bb, sug75, 49 zen, salsa stem, deda piega bars, specialzed phenom saddle, thomson post, ck headset, alpina carbon weave track fork, old school time atacs, mack super light on dt swiss disc rims.

    I have had this for quite a while now, rode it all over the UK, and rode it around in Italy on holiday. Again, ive always wanted one!!!!!, but was hesitant because of the long waiting times and hike in price. I think i was super lucky to have got this one for a bargain when it popped up. The most aggressive geometry on any frame ive rode before. Its super stiff, light weight ,higher bb than the GTGTB, short wheelbase and the paint work is very durable. The rear drop out lost abit of paint, but its not bad. The paint is thick, almost like its plastic coated. I ride it on nice days but it has seen snow, rain, salt and grit. A proper fast track bike, the smooth welds are perfect, my fave frame i think.. Personally with a comfy flite titanium, long distances are dooable, but any other saddle, and it starts to feel rough because it is so stiff. Its currently without a chain because I dont like the set up atm, its not feeling too good so this has gotta be changed w something else

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  • Thank you! Literally enjoyment of sourcing parts, and building. I feel like its artistic hahaha
    Its mad cool meeting different types of people from different backgrounds from building bikes too.

  • Cinelli mash bolt 2009 size xl, Sugino sealed bb, sug 75, AARN 49, thomson stem/seatpost, deda bars, flite, white industries track hubs on campy moskva rims, swapped the orginal fork for an alpina track fork off a write off dolan pre cursa. Original fork wasnt cut low but I dont want to cut it and the alpina fits perfect and i think it looks real nice slammed w no spacers.

    Favorite colour way, ive got rid of all the other mashes n kept with one. I used to have a size L, which was stolen sadly, Managed to find this in XL for a bargain in NYC in a local advertisement. I dont think the guy knew what he had, again lucky, ive seen them on ebay for 900+ The size L i had was slightly too small but in a good way, i had a layback post but it was super whippy and lightweight, the XL feels more like a fast road bike and isnt as light and whippy because its abit taller and has a longer wheelbase.
    but its still super fun doing fixie things, skidding and mashin. I would swap the frame for a size L if anyone has one.

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  • Leader 725TR 2009 58cm , this is my first fixie frame from back in the day. it hasnt been ridden for a longgg time, Repainted at armourtex, sitting on dura ace laced to velocity aeros w panaracer paselas, wound up forks, salsa stem, unknown bars and a hatta bb. I dont know what to do with it, maybe throw some sugs on, a seatpost n saddle n ride it how it is. Or just leave it. It has a very long wheelbase and the rear drop outs are not the best. Its hard to get certain axles through sometimes, just about fits dura ace axles. The original leader carbon fork fits 32mms and so does the rear. I remember it does have a slight problem fitting the old model of sram omniums, (spider arms touch the chain stay) and the original seat clamp bolt ripped the threads out the frame. (integrated seatclamp) other 725 models are known for cracking at the clamp but this hasnt happened... yet. i use a longer bolt with a nut but it still makes me feel paranoid of failure. Anyone got any ideas ?

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  • a bunch of photos of past fixies but not all of them #savethetrackbike !

  • bianchi super pista, all city big block, rourke track

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  • Harry hall repainted by argos, Carrera track, Raleigh rush hour pro

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  • cinelli histogram, samson illusion, pagani pista, brother r725

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  • (not a fixie) Cannondale CAAD4, KHS flite 100, Casati monza pista

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  • affinity lo pro

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  • You really, really like fixed gear bikes. And they all look great too.

  • Awesome to see some fixed gears here again haha! Great collection

  • That was quite the collection. Where the hell did you put them?!

  • Here is my orlowski which recently i have decided to split :P @gubhi

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  • That cad4 is still my favourite bike of all time

    I had it saved on my desktop at work for many months

  • KHS, carrera and CAAD for me pls 🤝😻

  • thanks!! i miss the cad, it was really light, probably under 7kg easy with the enve bits, switched it up different all the time too @Maj

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  • Carrera was tight and fast, barely fit 23mms in the front. It rode like a stiff performance frame, carbon rear wishbone stay, but wasnt my size, 54.5cm but i made it fit w a layback. and it was pretty comfy

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  • all stacked in a room, frames n parts coming and going haha

  • The Rourke does it for me

  • i wish i still had it

  • NOS 1 inch alpina track fork finally came
    It’s off a koga so I might get it repainted.
    I have a threaded gripnut CK headset. I want this threadless fml

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gavs fixies

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