“Fear Rack”

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  • Today I was reliably informed, if you run a rear rack on the front of your bike it is called a “Fear Rack”
    With this information in hand anyone have any examples they care to share?

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  • That second example on the Surly is a front rack, Surly Nice Rack.

  • Haha! That’ll be why it looks so good then :D

  • @spotter had a catastrophic front rack failure. It can cause immediate front wheel lockup with horrible consequences.

  • So I recall, that was a Surly as well? I run a pizza rack on my Sequoia and I’m para about it coming a drift. I check the bolts every time I ride it. They’ve never moved, but…

  • I still use front racks, I still think they're better. BUT now they're locktite'd to shit and have extra saftey straps after a lesson learned the hard way about poor rack design

  • @spotter thankyou for the loctite suggestion I will be doing that before riding with the new rack. Please elaborate on the safety straps.

  • safety straps

    Backup tying the rack back to the head tube or bars in case the fork top bolt comes adrift eg from vibration—worst failure mode is it hinging forwards from the lower fork mounts and fouling the wheel, then you are immediately over the top

  • which is what happened to be before, I wouldnt recommend it to anyone.

  • Well that's some nightmare fuel. I'll be checking that I've got a nyloc nut on mine asap.

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“Fear Rack”

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