Transiting through multiple eu countries

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  • Mrs M_V and I are starting to plan a trip for later in the year, kind of a delayed 5th anniversary thing so a similar trip to our honeymoon where we flew to Basel, stayed in Austria and Italy and drove through France, Germany, Lichtenstein and Switzerland.

    Anyone know if covid and/or Brexit are going to have had an impact on how easy it is to do a trip that involves multiple countries like this?

  • No real effect at all. Myself and my old man did a road trip in April. Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Rep, Germany. Mask protocol is different every where so just keep an eye on what everyone else is doing is my thing.

    Think we had our vaccine checked once at the Austrian border, accepted the NHS app version with no issues. You get stamped into Schengen and stamped out as a Brexshitter obviously to keep tabs on your days. (Ijmuiden Ferry terminal for us)

    I'd say you're more likely to get stopped at a border on UK plates but it's all chill.

    I returned on the bike and have spent a lot of time in Germany. No vaccine checks at all, anywhere and masks on transport and sometimes in shops.

    Oh apparently you've to have a UK sticker on your number plate, we did this (and a much bigger Scotland flag) but saw other UK cars not bothering. Its no longer GB, its UK...but I don't think anyone cares.

  • Cheers, that’s good news.

    Might look into taking our car but I imagine flying and hiring will be cheaper so we’ll only need to worry about the motorway toll stickers.

  • Echo the above. No issue at all from what we experienced last month driving down to Tuscany. Went through France, Belgium, Luxembourg (cheapest petrol), Germany, Switzerland, Italy and it all seems pretty chill now from a Covid perspective. Different mask and proof of vaccination requirements/protocols at the time. So long as you've got your NHS travel Covid pass QR code thingy and a mask in your pocket just in case, you're golden.

    Brexit wise we expected to be pulled over at the Swiss/Italian border simply because of UK plates and obnoxious exhaust but nah, got waived right through. Did add little UK stickers to number plates but saw loads of British cars without them.

  • Nice!

    I'm saying we'd fly and hire, we could drive all the way. Might be fun.

    I've ridden a motorbike on the right hand side, how much of a pain in the arse is it driving a rhd car on the right hand side of the road?

  • how much of a pain in the arse is it driving a rhd car on the right hand side of the road?

    Takes you 15-20 mins to get used to it, in terms of placing the car in the middle of the lane. Pick a marker / guide point on the windscreen that keeps you centred in the lane and you're golden. Check mirrors a bit more diligently as you have more of a blindspot. Only slight inconvenience is B-Road equivalent where you might need to overtake slow traffic; you need a longer sightline as you're on the wrong side... a spotter riding shotgun that you trust 100% is also helpful, but not a must. Honestly it's a very minor inconvenience, you'll be grand, just hug the kerb on your near side.

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Transiting through multiple eu countries

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