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  • @crow Ah ha! I really thought long and hard about them, but I'm not that wild about how they look and I wanted something I could be sure would handle the UK winter SFAB, so have gone Rene Herse Umtanum Ridge.

    Plus 2.2" x 650b is really the sweet spot for me.

    Also, God knows when, but Riv ride some time?

    @Josh I have no idea what my MS frame weighs. Or, actually, for that matter, the full build. Never actually weighed it. I'll have to before I take it apart.

    The Crust frame and fork weigh 2.5kg, if my slightly janky kitchen scales are to be believed.

    And while I wait to get it wrapped all I can do is look at it, stroke it lovingly before telling myself off for getting grubby finger prints all over it, and take proper photos.

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  • cant wait to see it all built up!!

  • I preferred the yellow...

    only joshing, looks proper nice!

  • Slight change of plans. Not wrapping owing to timings/faff/impatience. It's a Crusty Crust after all.

    Here is a shit overhead photo of the bits that I'm not cannibalising from my Midnight Special for it.

    Dropped it off at CM for building. Will hopefully have it back in a couple of weeks!

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  • Aw yiss.

  • Looks promising!

  • Did gone be good

  • Not quite there yet, but popped by CM to collect some bits and answer some questions in person.

    Not going to lie, it looks bloody amazing already. I cannot wait to get it back and go for a ride.

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  • They really phoned in the wrapping.

  • Potato photos for now.

    Finally got it home and am taking it out for a spin tomorrow. Cannot wait.

    It's beautiful, it's light (compared to my Midnight Special anyway) and I'm sure it's going to be a ton of fun to ride.

    Brilliant job, as ever, from CM.

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  • Paint looks really good!

  • Strong!! Glad the tyre logo misstep was corrected.

  • Nice!

  • “Not going to lie” but I much prefer the original colour- but , your bike and choices. Nice build.👍

  • Looks super! Be careful with that tape, it gathers dirt and grime like nothing else, so keep it clean.

  • Fair enough. Not for me, but to each their own!

  • That's good to know. Good excuse to look for new bar tape in the not that distant future.

  • Dope! Especially with the crusty bag support :)

  • First outing a resounding success.

    No major niggles or rattles. Think I night need to swap the seat post for an inline one and the rotors squeal a fair bit, so reckon I'll change them fairly soon.

    Did a reverse version of the Hell of the North VII route, which on a sunny September day is much more 'The Really Quite Nice of the North', other than the absolute scumbags who fly tip willy nilly off the A1 down various nice lanes. Reported to local councils, but it does make me sad.

    Anyway, lovely ride. Bike is brilliant. Tyres roll delightfully on and off road and all round many smiles.

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  • So good. Envious of the nice weather. It’s shit in the Netherlands currently.

  • <3

  • Suuuuper sick

  • Looks really good, it's very similar to where I want my Singular Peregrine mk3 to go, albeit with a heavier fork

  • Still fairly dry here. Few spots of rain around. The drought has definitely extended the gravel season a fair bit.

  • splendid build, splendid pics.

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Give us this day our daily Crust

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