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  • I am inclined to agree. I do have a nice set of silver Middleburns and a Nitto S65 seat post that, with a little polishing, would do the job nicely.

    Any recommendations for wide, silver drop bars with relatively shallow drops? I've got a set of Venturemaxs on my Riv, but I'm not completely sold on them.

    Definite indulgence, but they just seemed to be the fastest and grippiest tyres out there in a size I've come to love.

  • What about silver Cowbells? Not cheap though, and come in 46cm max.

  • Hm yeah. I'd forgotten about them. Actually tempted by some Cowchippers, not least because they come in a 52cm, which is what I'm currently riding and love.

  • Thanks. Got them on the Pack Rat. Nice, but not quite what I'm after.

    Plumped for the Cowchippers instead. If they're no good I'll go back to the PNW bars I've got on the Midnight Special at the moment.

  • Small update on this - heard from the guys doing the paint job that it's finished. Brilliant news on a Friday afternoon.

    Won't be able to collect it for a couple of weeks and am also considering getting it wrapped, which means more waiting. Worth it though I reckon.

    Anyone had their bike wrapped and have any thoughts?

  • am also considering getting it wrapped

    Why? I think it's a waste of a bike...hang it on your wall if you don't want any scratches!

    Are you really gonna 'ride' it like it's meant too be ridden if you're worried about any imperfections?

    A bike needs some personality, bumps and bruises.


  • I do get that, and the impatient fool in me definitely wants to get it built up ASAP, but I also think if I'm spending this much on a paint job I want to look after it.

    Should still get a decent patina over the years, but hopefully put off too much wear and tear.

  • Yeah I guess thats fair to want to keep it looking as nice for as long as possible!

  • If it means you’ll be a bit more relaxed riding it; thus ride it more/ with less anxiety, don’t see harm in wrapping it

  • I think Crust's look better when they're Crusty. I've decided to just not give a shit about mine. Looks great covered in dirt and stuff IMO. But then I paid way less for the frame than people in England given my locale and I didn't pay for a paint job!

  • This ^

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Give us this day our daily Crust

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