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  • Lusted after an Evasion Lite for years and found one both in stock in my size and in a position to get it shipped over via a friend without getting stung massively.

    First job, paint. Off to Quintessential Customs at some point soon. Might be frowned upon but the banana yellow is not my cup of tea.

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  • Insta sub. This was also on my wish list.

    Repaint is brazen, but I like it.

  • Sub

  • Huge fan of yours. Love the clean lines and more classic look.

    This will replace a Midnight Special, and I'm probably looking at something along the black galaxy lines for the paint. Basically wanted the Evasion paint job, but with the Lite's spec.

  • Oh baby

  • Excellent news! Looking forward to seeing how it progresses. With you on the paint, not their best.

  • Glad it's not just me!

  • Ooh, another Crust, looking forward to this one too.
    I quite like a yellow bike, but am really drawn to black with unicorn piss sparkles at the moment.

  • Ha, I didn’t realise you’d already got this, very good. How much from the MS is going over?

    I liked the green lite, the yellow not so much. What’re you going to do about decals?

  • I didn't actually realise how soon I'd have it! Only arrived today.

    As much as possible really. Almost everything except the saddle. Will have to look at the cranks, and replace the bottom bracket. Might match it up with the CK headset I got from Crust to go with it.

    I'm not even that keen on the green, but yeah, the yellow definitely not. Decals will be repainted with something more in keeping with the paint job. The font and palm trees will be staying though, for sure. Quite like to add something like the 'what happened to all the mermaids' they have on the chain stays of the older models.

  • Yes yes yes yes!!

    Restyling of bikes is big on my list of 'hell yeah' things to do.

    Custom decals 🔥

    Looking forward to it!

  • Only arrived today.

    And no pictures? Tease!

  • I'm being incredibly restrained and not taking it out of its packaging. I want to get it off to be repainted before I do anything like that, or I'll just be too tempted to start building it.

    How's a quick render of how it might look post paint for you?

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  • Will the logos be painted or decals?

  • Painted. Possibly the headbadge as well, depending on if he's able to save it in removal.

  • Crust takeover! Sub'd.

  • Quick before photo as it goes off to be repainted.

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  • ooooh boy

  • it's a sin ;-)

    but as i know from my stinner project, one doesn't ride a bike with an unloved paintjob.

  • Cheeky.

    I don't hate it, but I understand why you would repaint it.

  • That's an odd shade of yellow to be fair. Pale is being kind.

  • The light isn't quite fair to it, it's not as grey as that makes it look, but yeah, a nice shade of sparkly black will be an improvement in my book.

  • How's this going?

  • Waiting to get the frame back from Quintessential. Bit of a back log I believe. Late June to start working on it they said.

    In the mean time I've been resisting buying new components and debating what to do for a finishing kit - stick with all black from my Midnight Special or possibly go silver and steal bits from the Pack Rat that I bought from crow.

    I have bought some new rubber though (650b Umtanum Ridges) and am leaning towards all black with Campandgoslow eastern rattle and maybe a mud green Brooks C17.

    Decisions decisions.

  • Silver will definitely look good on such a dark paint. Nice tyres as well.

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Give us this day our daily Crust

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