• Oh look at that... we were under a DDoS attack for 30 hours and I hadn't noticed.

    No idea how often this happens, but it's kinda fun stumbling across one in the Cloudflare logs. The server logs and metrics don't show me this as none of this reaches the server.

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  • oh it's kinda dull... 30 hours, that's only 2-3 requests per second sustained. Maybe someone wrote a really crappy scrape script that doesn't clearly identify the user agent or obey robots.txt

    well, it's very boring and didn't affect us.

    I do love big spikes in graphs though.

  • that's just a graph of user amey's dropbarmtbshitposts on the gravel thread

  • What happened last night and the night before? I was getting a CloudFlare error message

  • I also had trouble loading pages

  • Hardware failure 2 nights ago resulted in the database being emergency migrated to new hardware. It's a big database so it takes time (on top of the time to detect it).

    Then last night a network failure during "emergency scheduled network maintenance":

    The attachment shows how it affected the SLO... 1h32m downtime 2 nights ago, and 54m last night for a total of 2h26m downtime. Still within 99.6% uptime this month... and well within 99.95% this year... but yeah, sometimes hardware and networks have issues.

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  • Sorry to hear that, the joys of running a forum.

  • I do love big spikes in graphs though.

    oo-er missus..

    still the boss, our boss. not really sure what this all means but we heart @Velocio for keeping our forum running

  • I noticed the site not responding yesterday, thought it was my ageing handset rather than the site.

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Apparently we were under a DDoS attack yesterday.

Posted by Avatar for Velocio @Velocio