ALL GONE - FREECYCLE: 50 X Ikea Moving Boxes

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  • Having just completed the hellish task of moving 2 homes in to one I have about 50 (likely more over the next few days as the last boxes get unpacked) IKEA DUNDERGUBBE moving boxes free to a good home:­-moving-box-brown-10477049/

    Collection from E9 Hackney Wick - Wick Road / Eastway

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  • Hey chap, I'll take a chunk of them thanks. Maybe 25?

  • Hey mate
    Every little helps - I’d love if the whole lot went, but I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth!
    Please come and grab as many as you need!

  • I'll take the remainder if possible?

  • Had a WhatsApp from a mate for the remainder, will confirm if any get left - will definitely operate on a whoever can get them out of my living room soonest approach though, with an element of discretion - if I never have to see another moving box in my life……

  • Fair play! Free this week to pick up any that go spare.

  • Will keep in touch - @Jameo can you pop me a PM to arrange collection

  • Any left?

  • All gone guys, sorry!


ALL GONE - FREECYCLE: 50 X Ikea Moving Boxes

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