Cannondale Track 57

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  • Based in NZ, I am able to ship with my business account, which is a very reasonable rate.
    Small hard to see dent in the TT.

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  • Damn 3k w a dent 🥲

  • But shipping will be reasonable

  • @miclobikes

  • 😂😂😂, he will try to sell it for 5k

  • It was for sale, something like 2 years ago for less than 2k if I remmeber correctly - COVID inflation

  • The messed up thing is someone gullible enough will actually pay miclo 5k

  • I’ve got two

  • Agreed ! Plenty of sausages out there who would pay that much

  • Am I missing something? Is the frame solid indium?

  • Think the dent in the tt added value to it

  • £1700

  • Of course it will and should, it's a proprietary aerodynamic modification to facilitate micro-disruption of lamina airflow over the tt. It produces a virtual drafting effect that is worth 24.7 milli-joules per minute, or an approximate 757 millisecond time advantage over a 250m sprint finish.

  • Or so I read somewhere, can't quite remember where!

  • Full build or F&F? And can you ship via an Albatross pls.

  • Good calculations, makes sense now 😂. May dent my traitor in the tt on both sides and double the price i want for it

  • Think this thread will stay on top for a while

  • Yeah, limited edition now. Custom one off.

  • 'Small hard to see dent', as there's only one photo, of a bike you want 3k for 😂

  • The dent adds character, Like a mclaren F1 its racing history and heritage. If I didnt already own 17 Ctracks one of which is a limited run adamantium one I scoop this up

  • But you don't understand, it's got wheels and tyres and handlebars and a chain and everything, well, everything you can see in the one picture.

    And anyway having too many pictures robs the listing of some of its mystery don't you know!

  • no spec either, i think some people do this sh!t on purpose for a reaction 😂. Asking for 3k with no details.. silly

  • I'm interested please DM me

  • I love the mystery around the saddle, What could it be?, when could it be??

  • It's only 3k so your lucky if any saddle is included at all. I can let this go for £300 if your interested

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Cannondale Track 57

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