• Gone. Couple of dirty used tyres available. The rear is very well worn (maybe 80% of life?), the front is much better. You could swap them over to extend their life. They need a clean. They're free but you gotta come get them from me in E8. Pics later if anyone is actually interested in them.

  • If you can be bothered posting id be keen.

  • certainly interested, and could probably collect on Monday - Hit me up with some pics please...

  • That’s the only spot where it’s worn through on the rear. Front is really good tbh. Filthy though.

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  • If Sigh/others ahead of me turn these down, I'd gladly take them, cheers.

  • look plenty good enough for my standards...

  • I'll put these to use if they haven't gone yet. PM'd

  • I've still got these. some pms but no commitment.

  • I'm still interested, could get this pm or tomo, will message now

  • Arghhh - I'd have come for them last Monday! or I am back in London in September! :)

    never mind.

  • Gone to @adamdenw. Sorry it didn't work out for you @Sigh we can blame non-committal dibsers for that ;)

  • didn't really need them anyway. Would probably have taken months to fit them to anything as well, so probably gone to a more deserving new home.

  • @adamdenw if you ever get rid of, let me know.

  • They were fun but my experimenting with these is over - @Chak they're yours, I think. @Sigh is that ok with you?

    Edit, @iamahab noted but they were called by chak a while ago (I was just checking if sigh still wants as way upstream he lost out...)

  • Dibs if @Sigh isn’t interested

  • Much as I still quite fancy them I'm not even going to be down London way until mid September, so happy to stand down - whoever is next in line can have em.

    Cheers though - appreciate being remembered

  • Be keen on these of still up for grabs

  • Do you still want these? Haven't heard from Chak. They're available for pick up from E9/could probably drop off in area.

  • I'll add my name to the list if everyone else drops out

  • I just picked up something else, but thanks!

  • No worries!

    Ok, on to...


    Please grab before Wednesday (or I can drop locally to E9). Cheers

  • I'm keen. I'm in E10 so a stone's throw away.

    Unless @sbbohr wants them?

  • Somerset… you go ahead

  • Gone to a good home. Safely with @doubleodavey Thanks all.

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Freecycle tan wall 26" schwalbe billy bonkers

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