• Hi,

    I've had this frame hung up in my dry but cold, windy garage for more or less 18 months. Before I hung it up I applied a little carnauba wax to those two spots on the top tube that are entirely missing paint. To my surprise I don't think the areas have shown any rust, luckily I guess. Maybe around the edges has gotten a little darker.

    What should I do to ensure my frame is somewhat protected now that it is getting ridden outside almost every single day (although only in the wet when I get caught out)?

    I really hate the uneven bumpy feeling/look you can get from touch-up paint or nail polish. Will regularly waxing the area continue to protect my frame or is that not enough now that it's being used regularly? Do I just need to accept that throwing a little paint on top of the steel is the safest option?

    The inside of the tubes is rust free having had a good look down them with a torch, the vast majority of the paint is in great condition. I think the steel must have been well treated in the factory all those years ago.

    Thanks for your help.

  • How about touching it in with phosphoric acid? (One trade name for this is 'Kurust').

    Don't forget to degrease it first - that is, remove the wax you put on it.

    Many steel frames were said to be 'Bonderized' which was a form of phosphating, and it's quite possible that's why your frame hasn't rusted already.

    I would touch it in with paint afterwards. If you can find a matt or eggshell touch up colour it will be less noticeable than using gloss.

  • Thanks, I'll do just that. I'm thinking about covering the chips in black nail polish (or clear nail polish if I find it will protect as well as black) after the phosphoric treatment. I'm fine with my frame having the odd imperfection and think I'd make a bigger mess if I try to make such a large area of touch up "seamless" by trying to colour match the green.

    Thank you for the advice.

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Paint Missing on Reynolds 531 (Not rusted yet)

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