Help me find this tiny screw

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  • It’s the screw from the preload collar on a sram bb30 chain set.

    I can buy a kit that has the screw and collar but I don’t see any in stock in the UK.
    So I’m hoping I can source just the screw since that’s all I need.

    I think it’s an M2 size and the thread pitch is 1mm.
    Am I measuring the thread pitch correctly? The distance between the inner faces seems to be exactly 1mm.
    Sorry for the photo with the digital calipers not actually being lined up correctly.

    Maybe some one has one lying around? Or can you direct me to one?

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  • Seems to be in stock at SJS Cycles

    I don’t think that self tapping screws for plastic conform to the Metric thread standard. Maybe if you call SJS they could identify the size and perhaps sell the screw by itself? Another option might be to go to somewhere like B&Q and try and get a best match.

  • Aye! Exactly that.

    I’ve just sold a dub crankset that had the screw missing. So I took the screw from my bb30 cranks and put it on the cranks I sold.

    The kit you pictures is exactly what I have but now missing the screw…

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  • I now realise I can just buy that kit from sjs but a tenner posted seems steep for one screw!

    Edit @190-215GPa sorry didn’t see your post there before typing.

    Yeah I can just get that kit. Was hoping I could find just a screw alone but that’s maybe unlikely.

    Worst case scenario I buy one of the fancy cane creek alloy pre-loaders instead of spending a tenner for the screw.

    It’s annoying because I think I remember finding a screw on the floor with that odd thread pitch and thought it was some part of the packaging from one of my kids new toys and I binned it 🤷♀️

  • Would this be any use? Looks similar but different head and slightly longer. I was stripping down a lawnmower that had packed in and these hold the plastic handle/switch in place. I can send it to you if you want to try first.

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  • That actually looks like it could do the job! You’re Glasgow based right? I could come pedal out to pick it up one evening?

  • Yeah. I work in Cambuslang, stay in Paisley. Let me know where you want to meet up and when suits best.
    It's a Torx 20 drive on the head. I can give you the bit too if you need it.

  • Ok great, I’ll pm you and try sort something. My gym is in Renfrew so could work something out.

  • New bike time...

  • Help me find this tiny screw

    It's under the workbench, mixed into the pile of sawdust and inexplicable fluff

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Help me find this tiny screw

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