• Selling my Cannondale super x 54. I've upgraded nearly everything on this with much higher end mostly carbon parts which totalled well over 3.5k in the end. Its light, really smooth and in great condition. Set up for fast gravel but with a fork swap its a CX weapon and a tyre swap it'll make a great winter trainer. I'm only selling as I'm loving my 29er hardtail and I've got a new disc road bike and this sits in the tiny niche inbetween that doesn't really need filling as fun as it is.
    Full spec
    Frame : 2016 Cannondale super x BallisTec carbon with speedsave stays 54cm
    Forks: lauf grit 15mm ta with steerer cut to 19cm and original Cannondale super x forks cut to 22cm with crown race, compression bung/cap and brake mount installed for 5 min switches.
    Shifting : Shimano 105 5800 mechs recent cassette 12-28 and kmc x11 extra light chain with only 100km on those
    Braking : Shimano BR-RS785 Carbon levers with Formula R1 floating rotors and new finned shimano pads
    Saddle/Post : K-force inline and Prologo scratch Pro ti 134mm + options
    Chainset : Cannondale Si with recent Praxis 36/46 rings really stiff and a massive upgrade on the stock fsa rings only 100km on the rings
    Bar/Stem : Fsa afterburner 100mm and 42cm Cannondale carbon bar upgrade with Lizard skins black camo tape double wrapped tops.
    Wheels : Knight composites 29er xc rims/Bitex/Cxrays built by DCR
    Really expensive sub 1400g tubeless wheels with Conti terra trail tr 40mm that just squeeze in the chainstays. Only 200-300 km on wheels and tyres. I'll include 142x12 rear axle conversion and 12mm/qr front end caps for the wheels for versatility and the rear is a standard build not offset dish like the next gen super x frames.
    Pedals and Garmin mount not included but the supacaz carbon cage is.
    Apart from a couple of little stone chips on the chainstays a little rotor scuff on the inside by the dropout and some heel rub on the cranks this this is really nice condition throughout. Can post at cost
    Viewings and test rides in Brighton area. A test ride is recommended because this feels really quick and lively and you will like the fork and forget how wierd it looks. Any questions or close ups just ask.

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  • Hi Nick
    Very nice , how do you get on with the fork? They look quite funky.

  • wow

  • .

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  • They find their limits pretty quickly if you hit anything with an edge but they smooth out almost all the buzz from rough surfaces and don't twist when cornering hard or flutter under braking so i rate how they ride

  • Probably the sexiest bike ive seen out there with this fork. GLWS!

  • CP thread favorite. This must be the fastest gravel bike in the south east. I have no funds sadly but would like to get those wheels

  • Thanks the wheels are a highlight I've got the same rims on my Bianchi as well although this configuration is lighter

  • I missed out on the rims when they where xxx£ at everyone's most hated store :) (not giving away the bargain but if i would make an offer it would be with that knowledge)

  • Full disclosure i paid £375 per rim 1/2 price on sale but the build on these still cost nearly £1100 CX Rays ain't cheap. I know rims were reduced further but i think that would have meant mismatched decals which aren't easily removable and low spoke counts. They just had a few 24 h fronts left in the end. Rims sold out now though and I've only seen full builds for sale costing £1600+ online

  • They had a matched pair available at 28h each.
    Still bargainous for nice rims, they might even honor the warranty ?

  • Yeah they must have sold out pretty quickly at that point. I remember them dropping to 63% off but i missed out as well second time round and couldn't get a rear so bought my other set as a wheelset from solarider on here. They warrantied my 95 front no problem but no carbon braking surface on these to de-laminate and both pairs feel rock solid so far

  • Would take frame and original fork if this went down to splitstown

  • cor blimey! very tempted to come to brighton for a test ride but i think the other half will kill me.....
    what's the weight out of curiosity and pondering.....?

  • I'll see how we go i always get more money when splitting but it's such a pain in the arse i don't know if i can face another 😴

  • I'll work it out but from memory it's 7.8kg in cx spec. It's surprisingly light rather than crazy light. I've just got to weigh the fork and add the listed weight on the lauf (if accurate) or just take it to my LBS to weigh it. Will update 👍

  • would be interested in the lauf fork if you go down the route of splitsville.......

  • Also kind of morbidly interested in the fork. I don't think my pocket money will stretch but keeping an eye on this

  • The laufs only have 20cm of steerer. Is that enough if i end up splitting?

  • Oh yes! If I had not bought my Condor Super Acciaio...

  • arse! .......need 215mm to be safe :-/ GLWS!

  • I on the other hand can probably work with 20cm

  • Seeing as there's ample interest in the Lauf fork, do you have a sale price for full bike with original fork?

  • If i can sell the fork it'll be £1300 with the original fork. Sorry @PhilDAS i pulled the lauf out this morning to measure properly and its only 190 mm. I remember now having to find a stem with a sub 35mm stack and change the bearing cover to accommodate. So the lauf would be only £200 in light of the shorter steerer for anyone that can work with the 19cm and only if i was forced to split. Anyone that is interested in the full bike but doesn't like the lauf i strongly recommended trying it first as for the sake of £200 its a really fun option. Unless you intend to purely race cross on it i suppose.

  • Fork steerer lengths added to description now 👆

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Cannondale super x / lauf, knight,carbon everything racey gravel build 54 cm £1300

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