• Some Nice bits for sale. These are not mine, and prices are set. If you want to haggle prices, hit me up with a PM and I'll pass on your request.

    • Ultegra R8070 Di2 Parts. All new. LH shifter and two calipers. Hoses, Pads, Gubbins and mounting parts included. Only thing missing is RH shifter.
      This is all new and has never been fitted. £260

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    • XTR M9100 Brake levers. In box. As far as I'm aware, these have been fitted once, and removed after a test ride. owner did not get along with the short levers. £110

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    • Super cool Magura Marta SL brakes Front and rear, with pads, rotors and adapters. 180/160. These are awesome and kinda rare. Freshly bled and working like a boss. Bit dusty but will be cleaned up £130

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    • 7800 Dura Ace Mini Groupset. In superb condition. Shifters, RD and FD. They're super clean and running really well. No scuffing on shifters or RD. Hoods are still where they should be and jockey wheels are fresh too. £ETA

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  • Whiskey No7 Forks. Suspension corrected. Post mount. QR, not Thru axle. Clean crown race and dropouts. Comes with Bung. Will get Steerer length and more pics ASAP. £100 DIBS'D

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  • Canyon forks. 1 1/4. Flat mount. Apparently came off a bike that needed a longer steerer. Minimal use. Flat mount. Came of an Ultimate CF SLX. £60

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  • Those are post mount rather than IS

    Nice bits man.

  • To the shame wagon I go!! Corrected.

    None of it is mine. Bike money is all spent repairing motorbike bullshit these days.
    Reminds me, you still wanna get rid of those Manitou's?

  • I'll ping you a message tomorrow about em

  • Are the gloves part of a gimp suit? If so, could we have a price for that? Looks comfy...

  • What's the price on the DA bits?

  • Budget is bin liner and string.

    @chaliapin not sure yet. I haven’t been told.

  • Also wondering about the dura ace bits

  • I’ll update price early coming week hopefully.

  • Bump and price drops. Still no word on the DA bits

  • Bump and dropps

  • Price on the DA mini group?

  • Are the Whiskey forks still available?

  • Dura ace long cage. Yum. Any price yet ?

  • @TommySan not yet I’m afraid. Owner is out of country for a bit.

    @nyoro they’re called for for now I’m afraid.

  • Price update on DA parts. £200.

    £10 drop on all else

  • Final price drops before evilbay this weekend.

  • LH shifter

    can you find a RH shifter pls?

  • http://www.bikeparts.co.uk seem to be offering with discount. I am dubious.

  • *misread - undo dibs

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Nice bits for sale. XTR, Magura, Ultegra Di2, Canyon, Whiskey, Dura Ace

Posted by Avatar for Chak @Chak