On-One Pompino - V4 - 54cm - £500

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  • This sale is not for me, no mine. The price is set, with very mild negotiation via PM if you want.
    If you reckon this is way off, do say so and I'll relay the message.

    The legend. On-One Pomp in 54. All built tastefully with nay cheap parts. It's built for function. Add a rack, and you've got the perfect low maintenance daily commuter or get rid of guards, add knobblies and do cool shit.

    Look at pics to get an idea of parts. Recently serviced and rebuilt with all moving parts cleaned, greased or otherwise changed so it spins smooth.
    Wheels are Shimano's on Miche rims rolling on Marathon +'s covered with SKS guards.
    Braking courtesy of Shimano.
    Drivetrain is Shimano/KMC/On one.
    Finishing kit mix of PRO , Deda and on one.

    Bike located in Islington if you want to have a look.

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  • Mmm pompinos are always weirdly tempting. Good thing i live in a small hole

  • Being honest, the asking price is about double the actual value. But GLWS

  • sold mine 2-3 years ago for 550£ here, but the specs were slightly higher than this.

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  • yes and no, pomps are no longer made and are dope, id have said 400-500 tbh

  • Not a hope in hell.

  • Kinda agree

  • whats it worth then?

  • Not to overall pile on here, but I had the same thought when I saw the ad.

    The market has been absolutely mad the past few years, so it doesn't suprise me to see pomps getting strong money; however, £500, given the condition of the frame and the build it has, seems wildly optimistic, even in these strange times.

  • i will be selling a 52 pomp with an upgraded carbon disc fork, built with 650b fixed /free wheels, a single XT hydro brake setup, similar generic cranks, easton carbon bars, i'd be happy if i sell for 250/300

  • Not here to Piss on the OPs parade… just providing some honest feedback. it’s a decent bike and a solid buy. But looking at past ebay auctions, similar (and better) examples went for 100-200

  • Nope, no pissing on anything. Perfectly valid position. Bike isn’t mine so out of my hands on pricing.
    I’ll have word with owner and see where it goes.
    Feedback always good

  • interested!

  • sure i'll pm you the specs/pictures when i have some time.

  • Words had. £350

  • Still serving me well!

  • Glad to hear that !!!

  • Bump. £340

  • Anyone know whether on one did their own BB fitting on this? Mine seems almost a Hollowtech II but a different amount of prongs on the spool... don't seem to be able to replace non driveside crank without overhauling entire chainset.

  • If @Thrasher passes this up give us a shout please .

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On-One Pompino - V4 - 54cm - £500

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