Two storey extension - self build (as much as I can)

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  • Starter ties as specified by SE

  • Started laying the floor but got distracted by building some gallow brackets….

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  • Nice. What are you using those for, a porch?

  • Gallows?

    Guess one of the builders didn't do his job properly

  • Big wooden roof structures like that really impress me. One day I’d like a house where the timbers remain exposed.

  • Overhang on the roof, existing ones at rotted - will take photo when installed

  • Scaffolding down and a couple of windows fitted

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  • Wow, seems like quick progress

  • Would have been quicker if the builder hadn’t of had the habit of going AWOL. which I think they all have the habit of doing.

  • builder hadn’t of had the habit of going AWOL

    "waiting for materials" i.e. getting it in the neck from another homeowner to finish another job

  • This is very true. But excellent work dude

  • Builders are pretty much finished, electricians been and done his first fix and we’ve started knocking through at both levels. . I’m also on with building the stud walls at first floor.

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  • That’s some fairly rapid progress, great work.

    So you’re managing it all yourself and just booking trades to do the bits you haven’t really got the time to do yourself essentially? Any tips!?

    We’re considering a loft conversion in the medium term and want to do a similar thing. Although it’ll probably involve re-roofing the place so we’ll have to get it shelled and then I can take over and do the fit out - much the same as you’re doing.

  • apologies for the delay in replying I missed you posting.

    pretty much as you said so basically, I did the foundations myself and got a builder to do the shell and core including replacing roof to the existing at the same time. I did the first fix joinery and all the plasterboarding myself, I had an electrician in to do the first fix and I did the second fix and the same with the plumber.
    I also paid plasterers to skim the upstairs and I've done all the send fix joinery apart from the doors as I'm desperate to get the children back in their beds, currently on mattresses in the living room.

    My tips would be to think everything through, radiator positions, sizes, power points, floor finishes, lights, etc. I'm an architectural technician and thought I'd be able to 'wing' it but got caught out a couple of times. Don't underestimate the time it takes and good luck, it's much more rewarding doing it yourself and it gives you time to work things out without the pressure of a builder waiting on your answer.
    Let me know if you have anymore questions

  • update is the upstairs is almost finished, just doors to hang, bit of skirting board and carpets. Downstairs is way off and only plasterboarded enough to get the radiators on the walls.

    I've created a climbing wall up to the kids den in the loft which they love.

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  • These are the best kind of DIY projects. At some point I’ve got to build a climbing frame for the kids! Where did you get the hand/foot holds?

    In some ways my biggest knowledge gap is where to start, had some advice to the tune of; get a property valuation, and get an estimate valuation with 2 added bedrooms from the same agents. Go to a couple of big all-in “loft” type companies and get some big quotes, take that to mortgage broker with a view to securing the funds for the conversion via a remortgage and then take said funds and go conversion ourselves, more or less the way you’ve done, get it shelled and watertight by the builders and book trades / do the rest ourselves. Does that sound realistic? Guessing as an architect you’ve got a fair bit of knowledge / experience of this sort of thing.

    Keep up the good work!

  • I got two lots from different online websites, the first are larger and plastic and the second smaller and grippier. I'll find a link later

    I can't really help regarding funding, I funded mine by selling my narowboat. It does sound realistic what you are suggesting. Even though I'm a technician I don't work on housing projects and its completely different to working on a £150 million research building but it does a help a little.
    I would sketch out/ schedule out everything and take it from there. Also read the building regulations regarding fire/ escape and thermal insulation to get as much knowledge as possible


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Two storey extension - self build (as much as I can)

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