Two storey extension - self build (as much as I can)

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  • Thought I would post here so it pushes me to photograph it and record details.
    I’ll also add some prices:-

    These was originally refused planning due to the location being within green belt but I appealed and won

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  • I’ve done all the drawings and modelling in a mixture of revit and microstation

    I did the setting out and had a man with digger dig the footings. I then had barrowmix come and pour straight into the trench and spread it with a friend.

    Then had the oversite removed by same digger man.

    I then cracked on with the trench blocks and internal course of blockwork.

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  • Cute

  • Fuck yeah

  • Thanks! Me or the wife?

  • I was hoping you actually owned 2 Beetles.

  • The pair!

  • Built a corner, will be taking it down again tomorrow though. Needs to be better but not too bad for my first proper attempt

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  • Very good effort indeed... try and keep the face cleaner. Its difficult to sort later.

  • thanks for the tip - I didn't really notice at the time (it was getting dark)

  • Vent pipes on to existing sub floor. Now to order the mot and get wacking!

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  • This is interesting - thanks for sharing.

  • I know you’re only on the first few courses but I assume you’ll be putting walling ties in?

    Fair play to you for taking this on. Have you done a bricklaying course at all?

  • No problem, thanks for reading

  • I’m a architectural technician and have been working in the industry for over 30 years.
    Wall ties not needed below dpc level - it will be filled with a weak mix sloping outwards.

    I’ve done a short one but I’m only going up to dpc level and I’m going to employ a bricklayer to do the rest.

  • What's your foundation build up (depths, etc)?

    We need to do something similar next year but I have close to zero knowledge of foundations.

  • architectural technician

    I’m sorry but that’s cheating ;)

    Is the ridge of your extension roof tied into the existing roof? Looks like it will be an interesting bit of joinery required?!

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  • This is very dependent upon ground conditions and building inspector. Mine are quite simple - 750mm deep and 600mm wide and I mass filled up to 450mm below existing dpc level.
    £300 for spoil to be removed £450 for men and digger and £900 of concrete.

    However you could equally need to go down 1500mm or mini piles depending upon ground conditions, trees etc

  • I’ve had truss design done which even leaves a small room up there. I’ll post an image later

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  • That makes more sense now. Look forward to seeing this go up.

  • The specs on our project were 900mm deep footings but ended up between 450mm and 600mm because our builder had dug to the bedrock. He summoned the building inspector who told him to go ahead and get the concrete poured.

  • Thanks both, it's for a side return on a victorian terrace. Sounds like digging, then inviting building inspector is the way to go.

    (After party wall chat with neighbour.)

  • This is my new favourite CP

  • sub'd

  • thanks everybody.

    I've a confession to make - I've just confirmed with a brickie to start the week after next. He'll have it up inc roof in 4 weeks - I'd still be on the first lift.

    I'll continue to photograph it and intend to do most of the joinery, first fix stuff, etc

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Two storey extension - self build (as much as I can)

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