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  • This mornings Instagram scroll

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  • Those welds 😆

  • So ugly, this weld positions, just to maintain the head tube look?

  • the idea is that by moving the welds back from the head tube and further along the top and down tubes, the join is further away from where the highest stresses are.

    Innovation driven by engineering pushes the boundaries of material and frequently challenges traditional perspectives of aesthetics or design. The Allez Sprint is truly a case of form follows function.
    To deliver this level of performance in alloy – specifically with the massive aero gains, power transfer, and handling – our engineering team leveraged our Smartweld technology to create something entirely new for riders.
    Our differences are what make us better, and we’re excited about the overwhelmingly positive responses we’ve received from riders about the Allez Sprint’s performance.


  • I am gonna start using some Smartweld Tech.

  • You should! It will result in massive aero gains

  • Hmm maybe but it still looks like a dangerous cut and shut fix up job

  • Does anyone have any tips for setting up BDHU on Salsa Cowbells? This thread has infested my mind and every time I see my bars/levers I get a feeling of unheimlichness...
    Maybe some tool/template could be fabricated for those of us that knows that we're doing it wrong but can't get it right?

  • Mount them like this and then move hoods up until they are comfy from both the flats and reachable from the drops

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  • Thanks, I think it´s mainly the flare that's fucking with my head, it does add an extra dimension/axle to all this? Mine also seem to be an older version (and also maybe they are actually Cowchippers) with more flare, so maybe a lost cause...

  • In my experience the plane of the levers needs to be in line with the plane of the drops. So levers have same angle as the drops

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  • .

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  • the picture is too misleading. next !

  • Point taken. It’s much worse IRL.

  • Case of near perfect handlebar/lever setup. Will put it in first post for reference:

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  • near

    Shit perfectionists say >>>>>


  • It is not exact science mate. It's looks perfect to me. Is that better?

  • Is that better?

    Almost perfect

  • Purrfect ?

  • Bit of hu indeed. But look at the lever reach, at least it seems real

  • Absolute scenes

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