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  • Two new bikes leaving a bike shop, at an undisclosed location in the US

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  • The bar tape job on the top one is horrific. It looks like a dog's dick.

  • Step one: Crunch crabon fribe top tube in work stand
    Step two: Ensure minimal if any useful hand positions on what could otherwise be comfortable bars
    Step three: Ask the fella who “knows how to fix bikes” to wrap your bars.

    If I saw a work space that looks like the above pictures at a ‘professional shop’ I would most certainly not let that person work on my bike.

  • At this point “they’re probably not” isn’t cutting it for me and as for linking to a different bike….

    Surely there is a service industry to be established, visiting sheds across the world and creating bdhu harmony? Repeat business could be generated by setting up bikes in the same shed incrementally differently

  • It’s best you speak with a manager. Hulsroy will be along in a moment.

  • The more bikes I see irl, the more convinced I am that bdhu is a hoax. I went to Stayer today and there were 10ish lovely bikes parked up and none of them were bdhu.

  • I also rode there and back in my non bdhu drops and it felt great.

  • Irl Bdhu is too great a concept for people to understand and trying to educate them is a waste of time and effort.
    A chap at work has a Voodoo gravel thing and when he picked it up from Halfords the drops where near on vertical and I was always telling them it was wrong, finally they said sort it, so I did. Also when they got the bike I told them it was too small. Fast forward to today and it’s now my fault that the bike is too small as the bars are ‘far too low!’ although the reach has increased.
    I give up
    They have won.

  • Yeah, but I am talking about proper riders, not halfrauds nodders

  • The problem is he rides a lot and also has a ££££’s TT bike and races it!!! Apparently gravel bikes are meant to be set up like that and I need to put it back to how it was.

  • Before conversion therapy

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  • After conversion therapy

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  • Does this meet entry requirements @Hulsroy? I’ve yet to ride

  • Little more bdhu in my opinion.

  • Too low and too long feel roughly the same though right? You have to lean your upper body forward to reach the contact point either way

    Oh wait I think I'm misunderstanding the fit problem

  • The lower you go, the longer you need to be to fit comfortably.

  • He sounds like a bit of a cunt.

  • I could do with higher shifters myself, but I use the drops a lot

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  • This looks spot on, to me, as far as a classic drop is concerned.

  • Does that sign say Ryslinge?

  • @ghostface I tend to agree yes. But I wouldn't call it out if I saw it like that.

  • oh really ? i've started telling random people to bdhu the hell out their handlebars, it has tripled the length of my commute.

  • Good for you

  • It’s Ting Jellinge, a small hamlet in Denmark

  • Good to have achieved semi-approval status. I’ve just ridden 100km on this set up. No complaints

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