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  • Savage bdhu, with the long drops

  • Removed.

  • I would worry about the bar tape and spacer stack first. It's like trying to master quantum theory before learning the times table.

  • That's fine but those levers are difficult to work comes with a lever spacer that might help them sit better I think.

  • The little wedge is installed in the levers. Mostly wanted to know if I correctly understood the intent of this thread.

    Also, spacer stack stays.

  • I love a good spacer stack. Your setup looks absolutely fine and therefore should not be in here :)

  • No objections to a stack, per se, but the mix of widths and colours is curious :)

  • Nicest way to not lose any spacers is to use them

  • that standert and bmc before were finee cases of #buhu. i am still riding that da9000 groupset btw !

  • 👍🏻 great group

  • i meant this exact one, i think i bought from you :)

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  • This video convinced me that maybe this isn’t all an elaborate troll.

    I do think it’s the stem transition thing that you see a lot of bikes set up to is what I’d expect to be the ‘way’.

    Hoods down maybe?

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  • For me, it’s more about the bar angle to provide a comfortable drop position, then the hoods go where they are most comfortable for you. I wouldn’t move them down as it would rotate my wrist away from my body; I’d want my wrist angle to be as neutral as possible in the hoods, which may require moving them up a bit. Up to you (excuse the pun).

  • That makes a lot of sense - I had to move the hoods significantly to get them comfortable like so^

    I also tend to have the habit of a fully in the drops position and a in the drops but on the brakes position which confuses matters (I assume that’s normal). I’m going to tape up like this and see.

  • Yeah, I definitely have a position at the rear of the drops that I go to sometimes, and then nestle in to the hook with a finger on the lever blades when in a tight scenario. All should be comfortable. I’d prioritise the drop position with brake access.

    I’m so glad there is now a forum for this type of nuanced bar angle discussion. Huge kudos to Hulsroy. Thread of the year IMO, and it’s only May.

  • Your set up looks fine in my eye!
    Also concur with snoops's opinion, top priority is comfort and brake accessibility.

    Great thread to explore different options, instead of blindly following popular practices that might not suit ourselves.

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  • Get in the sea

  • Thought my work here was done. Apparently we still have some way to go.

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