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  • Only god can judge me

  • Wait, I think that god has judged you

  • Still can’t figure out if I’ve fucked it here. But it’s by far the most comfortable set up I’ve had on this frame.

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  • Looks fine - maybe bars down a smidge next time you swap bartape

  • On a more serious note: it is clear that you set up your bars following some sort "aesthetics rule" saying your bars should follow the line of the stem. And if you by coincidence feel comfortable with what that gives you that's fine.
    But try rotating bars down and move levers up as suggested in this thread and you might find that your bikes can be more comfortable.

  • So I’ve finally read through this thread and understood exactly what you mean (thanks @snoops)

    People incorrectly angle their bars and adjust the hoods so that there is a smooth flat line transitioning from the bar the hoods.
    I guess a lot of people think it’s the correct way because it’s the most aesthetically pleasing(subjectively) way that you see on Instagram etc.
    I admit that usually go for a flat transition line from bar to hood.

    I was scared to actually go check and post it in public, but my road bike seems like it’s maybe not offending too much? I came to the bar position through having the aero tops being parallel to the ground. But I now see that the hoods could come up a bit?

    Looking at the gravel bike, it’s potentially criminal? Bars need rotated down and hoods come up?

    I ask that everyone please be kinda and not mention excess spacers on the road bike. Or the questionable bar wrapping on both.

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  • everyone please be kinda and not mention excess spacers on the road bike

    Lots of people are embarassed about setting up their bike so it's comfortable, and end up with all kinds of problems­s-the-cycling-industry-selling-riders-bi­kes-that-are-just-too-aggressive-for-the­m

  • Oh yeah of course, I’m just kidding really. I ride a 58 sl6 with 20mm of spacers under the stem simply because it’s what feels nice for my aching 36 year old back and neck.
    Slammed stems look cool, no doubt. But being able to stand up straight without groaning is cooler :)

    I might eventually trim the top off the steerer though.

  • Both bars could be rotated down, especially the Santa Cruz (and then rotate the levers back up of course).

  • Yeah the SC is definitely the worst offender for sure.

    I’ve rotated the bars down a little on the road bike and see that the bottom of the drops are now completely parallel to the floor.

    Really can’t be arsed to unwrap them re-wrap both now :(

  • Very nice but both are bdhu imo. Bottom one more so.

    And hey! Thanks for trying to understand what was the point of this. I still feel like I'm misunderdtood by some and even that I am being a cunt which was never the intention.

  • I'm misunderdtood by some

    Just like Jesus

  • Jesus is a cunt!

  • Our hulsroy, who art in heaven,
    hallowed be thy name;
    thy bars be down;
    thy hoods be up;
    on earth as it is in heaven.
    Give us this day our daily cropped image.
    And forgive us our trespasses,
    as we forgive those who trespass against us.
    And lead us not into ugly hoods;
    but deliver us from wonky tape.
    For thine is the kingdom,
    the power and the glory,
    for ever and ever.

  • I totally get it now.

    I think that a lot of us here are just embarrassed that they have went their whole lives without fully understanding correct bar and hood set up.

    Of course, if you find a set up that goes against the teachings of the scriptures but feels more comfortable for that individual, then that’s obviously fine. As long as they know that they will burn in hell :)

  • Adam Blythe living that bdhu lifestyle

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  • Same thing has happened to me after forgetting to use carbon paste

  • Bars need to come down tho

  • To be fair the bike is angled a little upwards

    My current bars

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  • Classic bend bars should have the bottom straight part angled slightly up, and the shifters parallel with the bar. Having them completely horizontal is both less comfortable (wrist angle) and looks weird with anything other than a dead flat top tube.

  • Careful the drops don't hit the head tube on tight corners

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