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  • This is some niche shit

  • Ahaha. Good thread.


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  • I agree. This is a waste of everyone's time. So fits right in on here

  • In this thread I see bars pointing up, bars level, bars pointing down, hoods pointing up, hoods level, hoods pointing down.

    What is right/wrong, so I can try to prevent ending up in this thread with my next build.

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  • Well, it's about lines and transitions. And different bar/lever combos have different ways of fitting together.

    But let's take this LOW which I reckon most people will say is fine, but in my mind the top of the bend on compact bars should be mounted so that the top of the bend points slightly down and levers should then sit high enough that bartap and hood create a flat surface to place palms on.

  • This thread has been a long time coming. Hallelujah

  • Let’s see what appetite there is for this. Jules always has very particular bdhu, almost extreme. I support this. The drop position will be gloriously comfortable.

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  • The mantis crew have got no idea what it feels like to nestle into the nook of a compact bar with the rest of the drop curling up behind your palm reassuringly. Nice brake access, too.

    I’ve come to assume that mantis crew don’t ride in the drops.

  • Need some Sean Yates in here

  • Romain Bardet taking hoods up to the extreme

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  • cover your fucking lever clamps with those bits of tape that come in the box with rolls of bartape. Please!

    No no no!

    Those are for amateurs only and relying on them to cover the clamps is akin to flipping the bike onto the saddle and bars to perform mechanical work.

  • That’s the key to this: comfort in the drops. I never used to use them and would aim for flat ramps and hoods. Then I started using the drops more but hated the feeling of my wrists bending up so much, and realised the correct position is flat drops so they’re comfy, and a dip in the ramps is also a bit more comfortable

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  • Ok, wrap bartape properly, just, for the the love of little baby jesus, make sure no bar or lever clamp is showing.
    One further up thread that "The Boss" has pulled up on bar/lever angle that made one of my eyes twitch (looking at the colour of the bike, it may be ******'s rat build monster gravel rusty blue contraption).

  • It is his, but this thread isn't about calling people... it's for universal improvement of bicycles

  • Sorry, apologies, won't let it happen again.

  • Of course I was very drunk…

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  • As a neo-retro /MGOOF enthusiast I too often have to deal with this...

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  • You can sort of sense that the little Record lever elephant isn't happy

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