Generate interactive maps of your trips

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  • Hi all,

    Last summer I did the "trip of a lifetime" (lifetime so far...) and rode two months solo around France.

    I've since been playing around to make an interactive map of the route I took, including pictures and the little notes I recorded along the way. Here's the finished product:­/tdf.html

    To make this map, I wrote a python script that automates the fiddly bits. It takes GPX files (eg from strava) and geo-tagged JPG images and produces HTML webpages so you can view the maps in a browser or put them up online. For those who are comfortable doing a little bit of coding themselves and would like to try it out, you can download it here:­er

    I hope someone finds it useful, and best of luck with all your future rides.

  • I have had a little poke around your map and I think it's great.

  • Thanks @Ndeipi!

  • One thing that might improve the viewing experience is if you could include place names (cities/towns) on the map, so you can get a feel for where the route passes, without having to go back and forth with Google maps to work out approximately where the photos were taken.
    Otherwise, good stuff, and nice photos.

  • A good suggestion @Philbythesea, and this can be controlled via the basemap that is used. I wanted to have pure satellite for this one, but on other maps you can see roads and cities (for example, the USGS map:­/pacific.html).

    The beauty of wrapping the Folium and Leaflet libraries (which actually generate the underlying maps) is they provide lots of customisation.

  • That's really good. I agree that a street map layer might be nice.

    Epic tour too.

  • Here's all the different map layers that can be used:­providers/preview/index.html.

    Quite a few are cycling specific!

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Generate interactive maps of your trips

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