Shimano GRX Rear Shifter

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  • My rear GRX 810 shift lever seems to be hitting an obstruction when I try to shift up out of the hardest gear (smallest cog). I can shift up once and then usually the lever just seem to hit a hard stop like there is some obstruction in the mechanism. It's not like there is some frayed cable, dirt or grease there. Also, randomly it will work perfectly for a bit along the whole range. Then it will revert. I've taken the cable out and removed the plastic cover at the bottom of the lever, but looking inside I can't see what the obstruction is.

    Any suggestions? I can't see anything online about maintaining this part of the shifter so guessing it's not even designed to be disassembled and repaired. Could be a warranty claim as it's about 16 months old.

  • Hi my friends left grx shifter had a similar issue we found that the spacer at the back of the lever had fallen off ,
    the spacer is located next to the paddle
    It’s a long shot but just a maybe

  • Cheers, could be that. Day before had the bike upside down doing some cleaning so may have fallen out then

  • Hey I’d be interested to know if this the issue with your shifter cos I’ve never had this part fall off any other shifter that I own or have owned, wondering if this is a fault with GRX shifters

  • M neither. Doesn't inspire confidence.

    I've heard from a mechanic that the issue is not unheard of with these shifters (he hasn't inspected my shifter though).

    Will look to warranty it and will update once I get diagnosis.

  • So, 5 months on, warranty claim was successful. Retailer received credit from Shimano and has passed it on to me. It's at trade amount, so doesn't compensate for what I had to pay to get a new shifter, but it's something. They didn't say what the fault was.

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Shimano GRX Rear Shifter

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