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  • How have you found the brevet rims?

  • Faultless, really.

    Light, pretty. Wheels have stayed true after more than a year without any maintenance.

  • That’s good - hard to find 650b rim brake rims.
    I got a pair of these https://thecycleclinic.co.uk/products/bo­rg31-kinlin-xr31t-650b-bicycle-road-cx-t­ubeless-compatible-rim
    Seem to run quite nice - the deeper section doesn’t look as good though with classic style frame than the brevet type box rims

  • Looks great!

    Have you ever set up your Evasion with 2x? I’d want a double for touring but can’t find any examples of an Evasion with one.

  • Ffs, not again!

  • 😂😂😂

    @moog Never set up mine 2x but I think it is totally doable !

    @Tijs I saw you rode some semi-rocky gravel path. It seems to be the main question about the Lightning Bolt, how does it handle ? All iteration of your LB are awesome, but I have to admit the ultradynamico one is def astonishing !

  • To be honest, I’m still not entirely sure about the handling. It’s fine for on road, but it doesn’t steer as sharply as I would’ve liked. Cornering wise. I don’t think low trail geo is for me.

  • Dibs if it's a medium :)

  • L/58cm. And I suffer from Stockholm syndrome, so I’ll probably hang onto it for a while.

  • Did the rear canti hanger move freely between the seatpost bolt and the seatpost when you had the frog legs set up?
    Was it a surly hanger?

  • It didn't move freely, and it was a Surly hanger. It worked fine the way it did though.

  • It’s odd - I’ve tried various nitto hangers and all bind with the seatpost - it seems like poor design of the frame that integrated seat post bolt doesn’t leave room for hanger.
    What other options would there be for cantis?

  • Agreed on the bad design. First gen had a hanger on the frame, so I guess they removed the hanger and kept the original seatpost binder, which might not have been designed for a hanger.

    Your only other option for cantis I think is a seatpost mounted hanger. Paul makes one, there are probably others.

  • Today was a good day.

  • 💆🏻♂️💆🏻♂️💆🏻♂️

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Tijs' Crust ↯

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