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  • Well, can you please post me some? I will do the procurement

  • That’s more like it. PM me details and I’ll give you my address.

  • Glad we got this sorted!

  • Another one! Will have enough on the forum for a Bikes & Bits / Crust thread soon.

    There are dozens of us! Well, not even...

    Is @cnnchi going to make a project thread on this Romanceür?

  • Bang bang bang!! Can't wait for this

  • It's here! Paint is cooler than I thought. More pictures later.

  • <3

  • Looks slack af, i'ld send it back.*

    Is that a wooden table or flooring?!

    *Not really, please forward to me

  • Cool stuff !

  • Frame is cool, but what are those ketchup, mustard and jalapeño sauce? bottles...?!

  • Saw one of these in the flesh the other day - the colour in the sunshine is amazing.

  • bidons by Spurcyle!

  • Subbed. Very much looking forward to this build.

    Ordered an Evasion Lite and hoping a friend will do similar with shipping for me.

    The Lightning Bolt and/or Evasion paint jobs are so much nicer than the Lite. Hate the pastel palate.

  • Hubbahubba!
    Is it built yet?

  • Is it built yet?

    Patience. Will probably start building this weekend.

  • Some more details:

  • Excite!

  • This is hot.

  • Is this the first Crust in the NL? Or do you know of someone else?

  • Friend has an awesome Bombora, from when shipping was still 200 bucks. I'm sure there a more.


  • Looks great Tijs! Looking forward to the build

  • Hey @Tijs, nice frame! Look forward to seeing how you build it up. I wish mine had V-brakes instead of the disc brakes, I'm a bit envious TBH.
    I appreciate the mention, but realistically a project thread for my bike would be very dull- I've literally just changed i) the saddle since I can't get on with a Brooks, and ii) the tyres since the Rene Herse ones would not stop bloody puncturing on the flinty trails around here [SDW area]. Other than that it's exactly how I bought it! I'd happily contribute to a Crust thread with some photos etc though.
    Truth be told the bike is a size too big for me [55cm], but the low trail geo is great and I love riding it, might eventually flog the frame and get the same geometry made by Varonha in a smaller size though, rim braked.
    Looking forward to following your build thread though. Take it easy dude!

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  • Still a great bike.

  • I will initially be building this up with parts that I already own (don’t call it a parts bin build). So if you’ve seen my other bikes, you can kind of guess what it’s going to look like.

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Tijs' Crust ↯

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