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  • What's the actual head angle and actual rake?

    Checks notes...

    Head angle is 73 degrees, rake 65 mm.

  • Is that the listed measurements or your own?

  • Do I look like I know how to measure stuff like that?

  • Not sure 😸

    But head angle will massively change the feel of a 65mm fork and I know from experience that sometimes intended head angle changes with casual mitrering and speedy welding :)

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  • I'll see if I can get some measurements out later.

  • Well you don't have to. Just curious

  • Bike is excellent!

  • Angle finder on phone will help you do this.

  • I actually have an angle meter! But the battery seems to have died.

  • I moved to utrecht recently so there really is no opposite side anymore!

  • I have listened to your requests, and have mounted the widest tyre possible.

  • More pics please!

  • Logos have subsequently been blacked out.

  • now it's proper

  • Just needs the bottle cages powdercoated now

  • And different bars. Looking for something like this, but with normal reach. Ideally in black.

  • Looks sick.

    They might be too similar to what you already have shape wise but the Fairweather (Nitto) M174AA all road bars I just ordered come in black and have that kind of shape, but slightly different due to the shorter reach. Caveat. I think the only place that sells them is Blue Lug....


  • I think tokyo bike might have them

    There's also ritchey neoclassic... zipp sl-88...

    but none have the parallel ramps/ drops of those maes. I am not as convinced as I was that I want horizonal drops.

    @Tijs how do you like those big bois?

    @Tijmen Simworks john cage come in black too...

  • Yeah but @Tijs is running a quill stem and I know he wouldn't even consider using a Quill > Threadless adapter, so the options for a short reach, flat ramped drop is tough. Short reach, easy, flat ramp, easy. Short reach flat ramp in black? Not easy.

  • There's also ritchey neoclassic... zipp sl-88...

    Need to be 26mm. What JB said. 31.8mm bars are a bit too bulky for me on such a skinny frame anyway.

    how do you like those big bois?

    Tomorrow will be the first ride with them, but already they look great.

  • I ran the 700x40 re-fuse for a year or so, including some long rides. I rate them, fat file tread is great.

  • Ah yes. And agreed - the ... wasn't meant to imply there's lots of options, there isn't.

    @Tijmen fair

  • Simworks So Bar - if you can find them...

  • Nowhere near as trendy and not quite the classic shape but does have a little flat drop:
    Kalloy Uno handlebar

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